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One of the biggest mistakes new mattress buyers make is buying a mattress that is the wrong size for them. The best way to avoid that is to learn a little about mattress sizes and who is suited for what mattress. For example, do you know what the size of a twin bed is? You might think it’s big enough for you, only to discover (the hard way) that it’s not.

If you’re considering buying a twin bed, this article is just for you! You’ll have a chance to learn about twin mattress dimensions to see if the twin bed size is suited for whoever you’re buying a new bed for. Ultimately, the size of a twin bed is going to be best for a child or a single person.


Twin Bed Dimensions: Just how Big is a Twin Mattress?

Twin bed dimensions are 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. Short of a crib, the twin bed size is the smallest bed you can buy. 75 inches long may not be bad for a child, but the size of a twin bed may be too short for adults, especially men and women that are taller. To offset this issue, some people will buy a twin XL. With the XL, the twin mattress size is the same, but it is a few inches longer.


Twin Mattress Dimensions: What Living Space is Best Suited to a Twin Mattress Size?

The twin size bed is going to be best for dorm rooms, small apartments, and smaller bedroom sizes. It might work in guest rooms, though because of the small size, you might want to consider a full or even a queen guest bed, if your guest room can accommodate the larger size. Twin size beds work best, most often because they fit into smaller spaces. However, their length often means that they are not well-suited to adults.


Twin Mattress Dimensions: Who is a Twin Bed Size Best For?

As twin beds are not very wide, they are going to be best suited for a single person. Usually they are better recommended for a child or a young adult. They won’t be big enough for a couple or even a taller adult. Even when you add the extra inches that come with a twin XL, the width doesn’t change and while the width would likely be fine for many adults, it’s certainly not going to provide much wiggle room.

As twin beds are a standard bedding size, you won’t have any trouble finding or ordering a twin bed. Whether you decide to buy a Leesa or another brand mattress, twin is the smallest standard size. You should be able to find a twin bed through the mattress company of your choosing.

Twin mattresses won’t be suited to everyone, but they work great for children and in some cases adults with not a lot of room. Any questions can be placed in our comment section. You can also check out our mattress guide, which has all kinds of information to help you find the mattress for you!

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