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If you’re pregnant or expecting, one thing that will make those last few months pass easily is the best pregnancy pillow you can find. As your baby grows and you get bigger a few things will happen. Many pregnant women experience trouble sleeping. A lot of this is merely because it’s harder to get comfortable at night. The best pregnancy pillows take that into account and ensure that you have a comfortable position to lull you into slumber.

Getting rest is important. It’s necessary for you and it will also help keep the baby healthy. The type of pregnancy pillow that you want is completely up to you, as each experience is different. Many women prefer a pregnancy body pillow because they are larger and give you more options from day to day. This is helpful as your body and body ache locations change. The good news is that no matter what kind you’re looking for, finding a top rated pregnancy pillow is easy if you know where to look!

You can assume whatever position you slept in before becoming pregnant won’t be the one you sleep in while you’re pregnant. In fact, side sleeping seems to be one of the most common positions during pregnancy. This makes sense because the added weight of the baby is to your side. Stomach sleeping is nearly impossible and back sleeping can be awkward, especially in the later months of pregnancy. Not only is sleeping on your side recommended, it’s suggested that sleeping on your left side is even better. Apparently, when you sleep on your left side it increases blood and nutrients that the baby receives.

So, now that you know how to sleep, let’s look for a top rated pregnancy pillow! Hopefully the following suggestions will include the best pregnancy pillow for you!

ComfySure Full Body Pregnancy Pillow


This is what’s considered a pregnancy body pillow. It was designed to be able to be used after the baby was born, for breastfeeding, as well. The pillow was designed in a U-shape, which favors side sleeping and provides added room for belly and neck support. Thanks to the large size, you can use the ComfySure as a cushion when you’re lounging, too! It even offers added lumbar support, which will help with common aches and issues like gastric reflux.

In an attempt to be one of the best pregnancy pillows around, each pillow is hypoallergenic and machine washable. To wash your pillow, just unzip the cover and toss it into your washing machine. It will come out as good as new! It’s also worth mentioning that these pillows are incredibly soft. On your quest for the best pregnancy pillow, you don’t want to pass up ComfySure.


Dream Premium U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Dream Pillow

As you can see from the picture, Dream is one of the best pregnancy pillows if you want to use your pillow for a variety of reasons. When you’re pregnant it will provide much-needed comfort to help you get to sleep. If you have problems like fibromyalgia, arthritis, or upper or lower body pain, this is the pillow for you! The Dream pillow was designed specifically to gently hug the curves of your body. This keeps your belly and your back supported properly. It also makes sleep come easier and improves your lumbar support.

Once the baby is born you can use Dream pillows to hold the baby up during nursing. Should you need to wash your pillow, the cover comes off and is machine washable! Dream pillows are soft enough to be comfortable, but firm enough for you to get the support you will need during pregnancy!


Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow


One of the things that make the Hiccapop one of the best pregnancy pillows is that you can choose whether you want it soft or hard. The pillow is 2-sided with one side that is considerably softer than the firmer side. The soft side is made of memory foam and the firmer side uses support foam. As the hiccapop is a smaller, wedge pillow, you have more options in how you use it. You can use it as a wedge under the belly or as lumbar support behind your back. You can even use it as a knee pillow and place it between your legs!

The cover is made of Velboa, which is durable, comfortable, and soft. It’s also completely machine washable! Thanks to the added airflow ventilation technology, the Hiccapop will even remain cool as you sleep! If all that wasn’t enough, there is also the benefit of it being small, which means it travels easier than a full-size pregnancy body pillow.


Langria Enlarged Maternity Pillow


Langria’s Enlarged Maternity Pillow is one of the largest pregnancy pillows around. It measures in at 51w x 29.5d x 6h. The entire pillow is covered in a washable, soft velboa fabric cover. The pillow is crescent shaped and comes complete with a crescent cushion that is both adjustable and detachable. Langria made this pillow to conform to a pregnant body. You can expect it to support your belly and back properly. It also elevates your head when resting, which will improve your blood circulation.

Like bed-in-a-box mattresses, your pillow will come compressed. It will get back to its original shape within 24-hours. Once able to use, you’ll find the Langria pregnancy pillow is medium-soft as it is made of memory foam. Thanks to the breathable cover and fabric, you’ll also get the benefit of it maintaining a cool temperature.

Finding the best pregnancy pillow is just one way to keep you comfortable before the baby is born. As you can see, some of the best pregnancy pillows also pull double duty and are a wonderful tool to use once the baby is born! If you also need a new mattress, check out our Mattress guide to find one that meets all your needs.

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