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The everyday general queen size bed has long been a standard for mattresses. But are you familiar with short queen mattresses? What are they and what are short queen bed dimensions? Could they be a fit for you, your family, or your guests?

Before you make a buying decision, consider short queen bed size information to help you make an informed choice.


Short Queen Bed Dimensions: What is the Short Queen Bed Size?

A queen size mattress is generally 60X80 while a short queen bed size can come in either 75 or 74 inches in length. They are most often used by people experiencing a mobile lifestyle such as truckers with a sleeper cab or those living in RVs or tiny homes.

The reason for this is generally about maximizing space. The short queen bed dimensions can better fit in some small spaces, and still allow for other uses such as storage or living space. Shot queen beds are best utilized for these uses, though they can be used in a traditional home or room depending on your individual needs.


Short Queen Mattress: Who Are They For?

The short queen dimensions are best for anyone looking to live on the move. They can be very useful for someone who wants to lifestyle in an RV, travel the U.S. without putting down roots, and live a life of adventure.

There may also be application in the growing tiny house movement. These small homes, defined by the International Residential Code as under 400 square feet, are becoming very popular. As municipalities all over the country are working on legalizing these small structures to fit into their communities, people are looking at the best ways to maximize the space and live big by going small. A short queen mattress can help facilitate this transition without ignoring comfort and a good night’s sleep.


What Rooms Work Best for Short Queen Dimensions?

The short queen bed size can fit into any space that could also fit a traditional queen size mattress. However, if you have a need for an additional 5 to 6 inches, you could choose a short queen mattress.

But the fit for the short queen dimensions might actually be for more mobile home experiences. Fitting a short queen into a very small RV bedroom or the loft of a tiny home may be an excellent use for the smaller queen size mattress.


Short Queen Bed Size FAQ

How Wide is a Short Queen Bed?

A short queen mattress is 60 inches wide. It’s good for a single person or a couple that doesn’t mind sleeping in close proximity, especially if it’s within a confined space like an RV.

How Long is a Short Queen Bed?

Short queen mattresses come in 75 or 74 inches. The choice may depend on the specific size of the space for the mattress in your home or RV.

Who is a Short Queen Bed For?

A short queen bed is almost always used by individuals who are looking for a mobile lifestyle. Most often they are used in RVs. They may also be used by long haul truckers with a sleep cab on their truck. Even the increasingly popular tiny house movement may have a use for short queen mattresses.

Where can I buy a Short Queen bed and how much will it cost?

Because of the special nature of the short queen bed dimensions, they are best purchased by RV mattress manufacturers. However, you can also buy them online from retailers such as amazon. The can range from the mid $200s and up and come in a variety of mattress styles and materials.

Check out the Zinus memory foam mattress for $269.99 with Amazon Prime. Or this cooling gel mattress from Live and Sleep for $399.95.

That’s what we know about short queen bed dimensions and the typical uses. Now you can make your own buying decision with this information in mind.

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