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You know what a queen size mattress is, of course. Many people use these as their guest beds or even master beds depending on their personal needs. But what about a short queen. And what is the difference between queen and short queen mattresses? Here is a quick guide of queen vs short queen to give you a basic understanding.

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Queen Vs. Short Queen Mattress: Sizes

The basic difference between queen and short queen beds are just 5 inches in length. A standard queen bed is 60x80x11. A short queen bed is 60x75x11, though some come in 74 inches long.

The most common use for a short queen mattress is within an RV or trailer home. These homes may need to optimize space and just 5 extra inches of room at the foot of the bed can make all the difference. However, a short queen bed can be an appropriate choice for anyone who is looking for a smaller bed with the same general width as a standard queen to fit in any size space.


Queen Vs. Short Queen Mattress: Which Should I Buy?

Your decision to purchase a short queen mattress will largely come down to whether or not queen vs. short queen will affect your use of space or the placement of the bed.

This is why many people who choose to live in RVs will select a short queen bed to maximize space. If you look at the booming tiny home industry, a short queen may be an excellent choice for individuals who want to build a tiny home with or without a loft. In a home under 400 square feet total, every inch can become usable space, and just 5 inches off the dimensions of a bed will make all the difference between queen and short queen.

However, due to the specialized nature of the manufacturing of short queen beds, your options to buy short queen may be limited. You may wish to consult with RV mattress manufacturers to learn more about the style.


Your Personal Preferences

Ultimately, the difference between a queen and short queen in your home or RV will come down to your personal preference and the space you have available. If you’re trying to maximize the space in your room or your RV, a short queen can be an excellent option to consider. However, if you have the room to incorporate a queen vs. short queen, you may choose to have that extra length.

This is actually one of the reasons taller people may be hesitant to consider RV or tiny home living, however know that there are a variety of possibilities for sleeping arrangements in these traveling or small homes.


Who is Using the Bed?

The most common use for a short queen mattress is definitely within the RV community. The smaller the space, the more helpful a short queen mattress becomes. You can fit it into a small nook or a room designed to be only the size of the bed with very little space around it to walk. This is common in many RVs, including the most luxury models you will find.


Room Size

In any standard home where you may choose a queen, king, or California king bed, it’s generally good to have at least two feet of walking space around the three sides of your bed, excluding the headboard. This is why people will often consider their room dimensions before purchasing a bed. However, the difference between a queen and short queen is just 5 inches, so for a standard home or room size, this may not be a concern.

However, in a small space such as an RV, a short queen can be very useful in preserving as much additional space as possible.


Overall Cost

The cost of a queen vs. short queen mattress can also make a difference in your choice. Short queen aren’t as common and often have to be purchased through specialized markets specifically for RVs or other movable home situations. However, they can be purchased for anywhere from around $250 or more online.

Check out the Zinus memory foam mattress for $269.99 with Amazon Prime. Or this cooling gel mattress from Live and Sleep for $399.95.

As with any other kind of mattress, you can get a short queen in a variety of styles such as memory foam or more traditional mattress construction materials.

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