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Buying a bed is never an easy decision. It might seem simple, but there are just so many different options it can quickly get complicated. One of the many options is deciding between a platform bed vs box spring.

The key to deciding between the two is understanding the differences and the advantages or disadvantages of each of them. We’ve got details on all of these things, which should help expedite your decision making between box springs vs platform!


What are the Differences Between a Platform Bed vs Box Spring?

A platform bed and a box spring are essentially two different ways to support a mattress. The platform bed is a bed that essentially has a wooden board on top that the mattress will rest on. The box spring is a large box, covered in fabric, that provides support under the mattress. The box spring usually rests on the frame of a bed and looks similar to a mattress, except its rigid instead of soft and comfortable.


What are the Advantages of a Platform Bed?

One of the key advantages of a platform bed vs box spring is you don’t need to buy an additional box spring with your bed frame. All you need is the actual bed and the mattress and you can start getting a good nights sleep. They provide a nice flat surface to lay the mattress on, which might actually result in more comfort and stability. Plus, they provide a more seamless look as you don’t need the extra box spring between your bed frame and mattress.


What are the Disadvantages of a Platform Bed?

Often times, platform beds are low to the ground, which can be a key cause of the disadvantages. This results in more effort required to get up and out of the bed in the middle of the night or the morning. Another thing that’s difficult is moving or transporting a platform bed. Essentially, if you’re getting a platform bed you should be comfortable with it remaining in the same room you put it together in. They can be quite bulky and overbearing to move even from room to room.


What are the Advantages of a Box Spring?

One of the key advantages of box springs vs platform is the additional elevation you often get with this setup. The mattress lays on the box spring, which lays on the bed frame, and gives you extra height for a much easier process of sliding out of bed. The box spring also absorbs body weight well, which can actually extend the life of your mattress. Even though you have to spend extra on the box spring, it might save you from having to replace your mattress earlier than you would’ve liked. And, we all know how much we want to get the best deal for our money!


What are the Disadvantages of a Box Spring?

Even though box springs may save on having to buy another mattress years down the road, they still ads extra upfront costs. You have to buy a box spring, mattress, and the bed frame all at once. Plus, often times the box spring will add height to your bed, but take up too much space to give you plenty of storage underneath.


Choosing between a platform bed vs box spring might be tricky, but you honestly can’t go wrong either way and it truly depends on your preferences. Once you’ve made this decision the next big call is deciding which mattress to buy. We’ve got a multitude of advice for how to do this, so check it out to learn more!

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