Tuck Mattress Review: Price, Coupon Code, Performance, and More

tuck mattress review

  • UPDATE – As of March 2018 Tuck Mattress is no longer available please see other hybrid mattresses Here

Quick Take: It’s impressive to think that your entire Tuck mattress is customizable. It’s all created based on your body and your sleep style. This customization is a game changer because it allows more people to enjoy these mattresses. Further in our Tuck mattress review, we’ll go into the hybrid design, cooling, pricing and discounts, and so much more. With a no-risk 145 nights trial and a design that was made for your body, Tuck mattresses are a unique bed-in-a-box brand with a lot to offer.


  • Fully customizable so you can build it to your comfort level
  • Dual-firmness available on Queen size and larger
  • Cover is made from recycled materials to help the planet


  • Some Tuck mattress reviews have complained about offgassing during the first couple days of using the mattress

Bed-in-a-box mattresses continue to become more popular and in such a saturated marketplace it doesn’t hurt to offer something that makes you stand out. Tuck mattresses stand out because they offer fully customized mattresses. Before you buy a bed, you take a simple sleep test. This test allows Tuck to build a mattress that is as soft or as firm as you want it with all the support and pressure relief you might need.

While this alone is great, in the following Tuck mattress review, we will look at the construction of the mattress, which includes a cover that is made with recycled items, making it a great eco-friendly option. We’ll also discuss the longer than average free trial, the warranty, and we’ll go over why Tuck is a great choice for most sleepers!


Tuck Mattress Cost and Mattress Models

A comfortable hybrid at a price most people can afford.

Hybrid mattresses can be on the higher end of mattress costs. However, every once in a while, you’ll find a luxury hybrid mattress at a great price. You can choose from mattresses ranging from Twin to California King with prices that start at $600. Every Tuck mattress is custom made in the USA and comes with free shipping. They also come with a free trial period and a great warranty.

The following table shows your options for the prices and dimensions of the available Tuck mattresses.

Size Dimensions Price
Twin 39” x 74” x 11” $600
Twin XL 39” x 80” x 11” $725
Full 54” x 74” x 11” $850
Queen 60” x 80” x 11” $990
King 76” x 80” x 11” $1,200
California King 72” x 84” x 11” $1,200

If you’re in the market for a customizable hybrid mattress you are unlikely to find one at a better price.

Remember, you can try a Tuck Mattress for 145 nights risk free!


Composition: How it’s Made

A customizable mattress that comes with an environmentally friendly cover.

Every Tuck mattress is customized to the customer’s exact specifications.

Tuck mattresses are customized based on the information in your sleep quiz. There are six layers that are customized based on your quiz. The layers include:

  • Copper infused Memory Foam: This layer is infused with copper via a cooling gel layer. This layer is meant to conform to your body, offering comfort and ensuring that your temperature is regulated. This means no worrying about sleeping hot. The Tuck is definitely a good cooling mattress for those who sleep hot at night.
  • Dunlop Latex: This layer of foam is here to provide pressure relief and an added layer of comfort. As with most latex, this is also going to give your mattress some added bounce.
  • Micro Coils & Pocketed Coil Support Core: These two layers are the innerspring portion of your hybrid mattress. Each of the coils are wrapped in fabric and are there to provide pressure relief. They also are handy because they help with weight distribution. The core goes further by ensuring that your body is properly aligned when you sleep, which will ensure that you wake up feeling rested with less pain.
  • Transition Foam: This polyfoam layer serves as a transition from foam to coils.
  • Base Foam: Think of this base foam as your foam foundation. It’s also poly foam and it creates an even surface for your mattress to be built upon.

Each mattress will be as soft or as firm as you need. Additionally, on Queen beds or larger, you can opt for dual-firmness, which is great for couples as you design each side of the bed specifically to your specifications. Finally, the mattress cover is made partially of Repeve. This yarn is made of recyclable materials, such as water bottles. This is a great choice if you’re interested in the environment.


How Comfortable is a Tuck Mattress?

Innerspring coils work with memory foam to provide you comfort and support.

tuck mattress comfort

Tuck hybrid mattresses give you the stabilization and support of an innerspring mattress with the sheer comfort that often comes with the memory foam. How comfortable your mattress is will depend on your needs. Unlike other mattresses that are a 6 out of 10, Tuck is customized for you, so it’s as soft, medium, or firm as you’d like it. If you order a queen size mattress or larger, you can even customize the firmness on each side of the mattress so you and your sleeping partner each achieve maximum comfort. In addition to added comfort and support, your mattress sleeps cool thanks to the cover and added breathable layers within your mattress.

  • Firmness: The firmness on the Tuck really depends on you. You can end up with an incredibly soft mattress or one that’s more on the firm side. If you’re a part of a couple you can even get a bed that is dual-designed to suit both you and your partner. It’s all designed with you in mind.
  • Sinkage: This is going to depend some on how soft your mattress is. Generally, sinkage isn’t much of a problem. Coupled with good edge support, Tuck conforms to you in a way that keeps you properly aligned without actually letting your body sink into the mattress.
  • Motion Transfer: The motion transfer on Tuck is pretty solid. You shouldn’t feel your partner if they get out of bed or if they toss and turn in the night. The bed is supportive and while it offers a nice bounce it also isolates motion so you don’t have to feel every bump in the night. So, this is among the better mattresses for couples.

Our guides to the best soft and best firm mattress will help you find the right bed for your comfort preferences.


“Mattress Magic”: Is the Tuck a Good Bed for Sex?

Customization options allow you to pick your comfort level and add more bounce

There are a lot of benefits to a Tuck mattress. Since every bed is customized to your needs, you already know it’s going to be comfortable enough for you to relax. Add that to the latex layer of your mattress that’s going to provide some added comfort and a good bounce, and you’re all set to go. While I wouldn’t recommend a mattress just for this reason, it’s certainly is worth mentioning as a positive. Simply put, Tuck is a great mattress for sex.


Tuck Mattress Free Trial

Your no-risk Tuck mattress trial lasts for 145 nights!

Most bed-in-a-box mattresses come with a free trial. The length of the trial depends on the mattress you choose, though most are available for between one and three months. The Tuck mattress free trial lasts for 145 days. If you’re not satisfied, the very helpful customer service team will do what they can to make your experience better. If they are unable to do so, you can schedule a no-hassle pickup for your mattress within the first 145 days and you’ll get your money back. Even if you love your Tuck and find you don’t need that no-hassle return offer you will still be protected by an 11-year warranty! Any way you cut it, you’re protected!


Tuck Mattress Coupon Code

More savings could be available with a Tuck mattress coupon code

Prices for a Tuck mattress are fairly reasonable, but if you need a break you might find one with a Tuck mattress coupon code. Discounts are available at different times of the year. Often, holidays will bring sales. So, if you need a Tuck mattress coupon code, make sure to check out Tuck for available offers.


Conclusions: Who is the Tuck Mattress Best Suited For?

The Tuck mattress price is right and the comfort is fully customizable!

Most of the Tuck mattress reviews that you read will focus on the customizable mattress and the hybrid design. That means you can find a mattress that matches your sleeping style, including side, back, and stomach sleeping.

Others will be sure to bring up the Tuck mattress price, which is more than fair for this level of customization. These reasons alone are good enough to want a Tuck bed.

Of course, if you’re still unsure, you shouldn’t forget the 145-night risk-free trial! It’s the best no-risk way to try a Tuck bed without risking any of your money. If you’re not satisfied you can return your Tuck mattress for a full refund! When you add all that to an eco-friendly cover, a nice warranty, and so much more, it’s easy to see why a Tuck mattress is a great option for most sleepers.

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