Nolah Mattress Review: A Cooler, More Comfortable Night’s Sleep

nolah mattress review

Nolah Mattress Review

The Nolah Mattress is one of the top mattresses we’ve tested. Soft, luxurious, and of high quality… with a reasonable price tag.


Try It Risk-Free for 120 Nights

I remember when you had to go to a furniture store to buy a mattress. These days, it’s just a matter of going on your computer and finding the right one for you. The “bed in a box” trend allows you to get a better mattress for a cheaper price. You also benefit from these smaller, boutique brands because they offer free trials. Companies like Nolah want you to be satisfied with your mattress, so if you find it’s not for you, they are willing to take it back within a certain time frame.

Speaking of Nolah, I had a chance to try them out recently. As you will see if you read my complete Nolah mattress review, the Nolah has a lot going for it. It’s comfortable, it won’t wake up your partner if you’re sleeping with someone, and it comes with a great warranty and a free trial that lasts 4 months!

If you’re considering buying a Nolah mattress, you should continue reading my Nolah mattress review. You’ll discover information about the Nolah mattress cost, materials, and overall thoughts on the mattress. You’ll also get a Nolah mattress coupon that will save you some money if you go to purchase your own mattress!


Nolah Mattress Cost and Models

Nolah only has one mattress, as instead of creating more, they’ve decided to perfect the one they have. As you might expect, it is available in all the main sizes. The benefit to only having one mattress is that you know they are putting all their time and effort into making the best possible mattress. It doesn’t matter what size you’re getting. You’ll know that the feel and comfort you expect from your Nolah mattress will be the same.

How much does the Nolah mattress cost? Here’s a current breakdown for you:

  • Twin – $519
  • Twin XL – $599
  • Full – $749
  • Queen – $849
  • King – $949
  • California King – $949

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One really cool thing that I want to point out in this Nolah mattress review is that with every mattress purchased, you have the option of protecting animal wildlife. Nolah has partnered with Defenders of Wildlife, a US wildlife charity. After picking your animal you will receive an adoption certificate sent to you from Defenders of Wildlife. Some available choices include Arctic Fox, Bald Eagle, Panther, Penguin, Manatee, Sea Otter, Wolf, Shark, or you can even choose a random animal in need. You can learn more about the animals you’re helping to save, here.


Composition: How It’s Made

Nolah is similar to other foam mattresses in the fact that there are three layers of foam in the Nolah mattress. That said, it’s where the similarities end. This is not a memory foam mattress — it’s made from a new kind of sleep foam (Nolah Air Foam is what they call it) that’s more durable and sleeps cooler than traditional memory foam.

Nolah uses an air foam as part of their own making, which is meant to fix the problems that latex or memory foam might cause. However, before we get into the layers, let’s talk about the cover.

The cover is made of natural Viscose fibers. Made from wood pulp, this soft and luxurious cover is meant to wick away moisture and help to remove any unnecessary body heat. In fact, the company claims it sleep cooler than any memory foam mattress, and based on my experience, I tend to agree. The cover itself comes designed to remind you of the nature you might find in the Colorado mountains, which is where Nolah mattresses are designed and developed (they are manufactured at Nolah’s various US plants)! All that considered, we’d definitely consider the Nolah one of the best cooling mattresses.

The complete mattress is 10 inches thick. The support layer, which rests at the bottom is 7″ of Foundational Support core foam. The next layer is 1″ of Aveena Foam. This foam is rarely seen in mattresses, but it’s a great addition as it adds a good bounce and a higher level of support. The final layer is 2″ of Nolah Air Foam. This special foam keeps you cool and feeling supported. It also allows the mattress to contour to your body without causing you to sink too much.

The use of specialized foam creates a feel that is hard for other mattress companies to replicate. Nolah attempted to remove the issues that many people face with foam mattresses, and in many ways, as this review will show you, they have succeeded.

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How Comfortable is a Nolah Mattress?

Overall, I liked the Nolah mattress quite a bit. Naturally, every person will have a different experience, but overall I think it will work for a lot of sleepers. It’s a very comfortable mattress, and it has been shown to provide 4 times better pressure relief than memory foam, which could make it a good mattress for back pain sufferers.

Based on my own experience, I would say that the Nolah would be a great mattress for side sleepers. If you have a problem with sleeping hot, the Nolah would also be a welcome change.

  • Firmness – In terms of firmness, the Nolah falls on the softer side of a medium firmness. It’s much more soft than it is firm, especially in comparison to many box brand mattresses. That said, this makes it great for side sleepers!
  • Sinkage – Every mattress you sleep on is going to have a little bit of sinkage. Depending on your weight and the mattress itself, it will vary. That said, this is a softer mattress, which adds a little to the sinkage factor. If you’re underweight or average for your body type you will find this to be comforting for the most part. If you’re heavier, you may sink more and it could cause issues. As a result, you may want a bit firmer mattress. The sinking is more like a gentle cradling of your body, which feels nice. It just depends on how much an individual sinks, as to how much of an issue it will be.
  • Motion Transfer – This is always a big issue, especially for couples. I am happy to report that the Nolah mattress offers phenomenal motion transfer. The bed barely moves when you move on it, and if it moves at all, it’s certainly not enough to wake up the person sleeping next to you. So we’d definitely rate it as a good mattress for couples.

Everybody is different. Some people like a hard mattress while others prefer something more plush. Check out our picks for the best soft mattress and best firm mattress resource guides.


“Mattress Magic”: Is Nolah a Good Bed for Sex?

Nolah passes the mattress magic test, for sure! The Nolah mattress offers a nice bounce without it being too much. This, on its own, makes it a great mattress for sex. Add in the fact that the actual mattress is soft and the cover is incredibly comfortable, and it’s even better. Perhaps best of all, beyond the bounce, is the fact that the mattress has great air flow, which keeps it cool. Together, these factors make the Nolah mattress a wonderful option when it comes to sex.


Nolah Mattress Free Trial

So, you know how much the Nolah mattress cost is, but what about the free trial? The Nolah free trial is one of the most impressive in the mattress world. They offer you a full 120 night sleep trial. This means that you can test out the mattress for 4 months, which is plenty of time to make a decision about whether or not a Nolah mattress is right for you. And remember, you’ll also get $125 off with coupon code SLEEPZOO if you follow this link!

All mattresses need a certain amount of time to get broken in. This gives the mattress time to get used to you and for you to get used to the mattress. So, let’s say it takes a month. Nolah allows returns from day 31 to day 120. If you try it out for that first month and don’t like it, anytime from the second month to the fourth, you can call Nolah and they will take it back and refund your money. A driver will pick up your mattress at no cost to you, and it will be donated to a charity if possible or sent to recycling. Either way, you won’t pay a dime if you’re not satisfied.

If you keep the Nolah it comes with a 15-year warranty. This is longer than many mattress companies. And the reason for this is that Nolah mattresses are made from Nolah Air Foam which has been shown to be 300% more durable than typical memory foam. In other words, this mattress should last quite a long time. If you have a problem with your mattress and its under warranty it will be replaced or repaired free of charge.


Nolah Coupon Code

I can only guess you’re reading this section in hopes of finding a Nolah mattress coupon. Well, if that’s why you’re here, you won’t be disappointed. The current offer will give you a Nolah coupon that gets you $125 off a Nolah mattress when you use this link and enter SLEEPZOO at checkout. This information will be updated if the Nolah coupon offer changes, so make sure to use it in the future, if you decide to purchase additional mattresses. You can also check out our Nolah coupon code page for the latest options.


Nolah Mattress Reviews: What Others are Saying

Why take just my word for it, when there are thousands of people that have purchased this mattress and offered a Nolah mattress review of their own? Each of the reviews below come from verified shoppers that have purchased a Nolah mattress. The words and opinions are their own, and are meant to provide you with a well-rounded view of Nolah.

“The shopping experience is simple. My wife and I have had the BEST sleep ever. She has pretty bad back problems and this has helped her sleep better and feel better. You never want to leave bed, but you wake up refreshed, relaxed, and ready to go. I totally would recommend this to any and everyone. This was an absolute great investment and purchase.” – Jose F. (adopted a Snowy Owl)

“We’ve had a good experience so far with our Nolah mattress. We are about two weeks into using it, so I still have not formed my final opinion, but it is a very comfortable bed– it’s slightly softer than the Casper and others on the market, which I like. I also have been very impressed with customer service and the cause (wildlife protection) that they support!” – Gary S. (adopted a Penguin)

“We absolutely love our new mattress! both of us are in our mid-50s, have various dings and pings and getting a good night’s sleep had started to elude us…now we’re sleeping as good as our dogs (and they love to sleep!). The entire ordering process was delightful – great customer service, etc. I honestly am thrilled with this product.” – Kim Tyler (adopted a Dolphin)

“Arrived fast and easy to unbox. My last mattress could not get though the bedroom door, but I could carry this straight through and seeing it expand on my bed was an awesome experience. Would buy another just for the unboxing! (but I only need one).. :-)” – Kathy Brooks


Conclusions: Who the Nolah Mattress Is and Isn’t For

After testing the bed and completing this Nolah mattress review, I only feel that it’s fair to point out that the Nolah is going to work for a lot of people. Due to its softness, I certainly recommend it for side sleepers. Back sleepers should also appreciate it. Thanks to the type of foam used, and, due to the fact it’s supposed to relieve pressure on your body, people that experience pain that sleep in these positions should really enjoy the Nolah. Of course, it is quite soft and that creates some sinkage, so if you’re on the heavier side you might find that it sinks too much for your personal taste.

Nolah mattresses are designed and developed in Colorado and manufactured in the United States, and the company behind the mattress works with charities to adopt a wildlife animal with every mattress that is purchased. They also give money to clean water and conservation charities, which also helps animal life. If you don’t like your mattress after a month, you can return it without question. Your bed will be donated to charity, if possible, and recycled, if not. Customer service is the cornerstone of Nolah, and they are serious about making sure that you receive the best bed possible for you, be it theirs or one from another company.

Nolah’s mattress is one of the great options that you’ll find when mattress shopping online. If you need more time to decide, you can check out our mattress guide which will fill you in on the best mattresses that are available for your particular sleep style.

If you have any specific questions about this Nolah mattress review feel free to contact us and let us know!

Click here to try a Nolah mattress free for 120 nights.

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