Mattress Reviews: The Ultimate List of Mattress Ratings

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Buying a mattress doesn’t have to be difficult. It shouldn’t be, but for a lot of people, it feels like it is. The choices can seem endless! Prices vary from too good to be true to there is no way you can afford that! You have to make choices between spring mattresses or foam.

You can try a mattress for a few minutes, but deep down you know that’s it’s no indication of how it will feel two months from now when you’re sleeping on it all the time. And worst of all, you have a salesman stalking you through this entire process trying to make a sale so that he can earn some commission! It’s a wonder that people buy mattresses at all. But, like I said, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Enter Sleep Zoo.

Sleep Zoo was created, not just to offer mattress reviews, but to help you navigate the wide world of mattress shopping. It was our goal to create an unbiased collection of mattress ratings so that you understood all of the options and could buy a new mattress with confidence that you were making the right choice.

Sleep Zoo’s Mattress Review Methodology

We take the process of mattress ratings very seriously. This means we sleep on every single mattress that we review. We want to know how comfortable each mattress is in the long term before recommending it. This also gives a chance to determine any problems with the mattress that you deserve to know about. We spend a series of nights on each mattress (at least a week) before passing any official judgment.

From there, the process isn’t finished. We make sure that whenever we can, we speak to the manufacturer before a mattress review so that we can understand more about their mattress. They might tell us something that we didn’t know or help us to understand the particulars of their mattress.

Finally, we consider the good and bad that customers have said about the mattress. If we noted something incredibly amazing (or terrible) about a mattress during our review, we look to see if customers have found the same thing. In the end, this all helps us to craft the most honest mattress review possible to ensure that you are able to find a mattress without all the struggle that often comes with mattress shopping.

While we look for a wide variety of things in all of our mattress reviews, here are some of the specific things we’re looking for:


What the mattress is made of is important. As a consumer, you deserve the right to know what materials have helped to create your future mattress. So, we tell you that, but also we mention if each mattress is hypoallergenic, made of specialty materials, or offers something that you can’t find elsewhere.


For many people, this is going to be the most important part of our mattress reviews. If your mattress isn’t comfortable, that’s going to be a deal breaker. We’re aware that every person is different, so what’s comfortable to you might not be comfortable to me. This is why we consider what customers have to say in our reviews. This allows us to take into account the opinions and feelings of other people that have tried these mattresses. It also allows us to factor in things that may not be the case for us, like the perfect mattress for pregnancy or even the best mattress for people with a bad back.

Mattress Magic

If you’re married or living with someone, you’ll want a mattress that works for both of you. Perhaps, more importantly, you’ll want a mattress that works for sex. Believe or not, plenty of mattresses aren’t made with this in mind. While it’s not the most important factor in mattress buying, having a mattress that is comfortable and satisfying for sex should factor into your decision.


Beyond comfort, this is going to be one of the factors that weigh the most on people’s decision. You need to know if a mattress is worth the price you’ll be paying for it. So, that’s what we attempt to tell you. We look at how durable a mattress is, as well as how durable the materials the mattress is made of. This gives an idea of how long your mattress should last. We also compare each mattress to others that are similar, so you can compare the cost and overall value of each bed we review.

What Others Have to Say

Here at Sleep Zoo, we offer both positive and negative reviews. This is because we feel that consumers deserve the right to know the truth about the mattresses they might buy. This is also why we look at what others have to say about each mattress when we’re crafting our reviews. We understand that if an overwhelming amount of people have something to say in a similar manner, then you should hear about it.

What Type of Sleepers that Each Mattress is Suited For

Not every mattress is built for everybody type or sleeping position. Back sleepers and side sleepers might find sleeping on the same mattress to be a completely different experience. This is why we detail what type of sleepers will be happiest on each mattress. We love when we can find a mattress that works for a variety of sleep styles. However, if a mattress doesn’t work, you can be sure that we will let you know!

We will do whatever we can to make sure that each review is honest. We strive to include everything you need to make a responsible and satisfying purchase. If there’s any mattress you’re looking for that we haven’t included or any questions you have, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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