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One of trickier parts of buying a mattress or a bed is figuring out all of the different options. You have to answer questions like what type of mattress are you looking for, do you want a platform bed or just a bed frame, and even do you need a box spring? This last question is one we’ll help you answer.

There are going to be many parts of the bed buying process that gets confusing. But, we hope that after reading the below you can easily answer the question of do I need a box spring. First, let’s take a look at what a box spring actually is.


What is a Box Spring?

A box spring essentially functions as a base for a mattress to sit on. It’s often wooden frame that has springs and is covered by some sort of cloth material. At first glance, it looks similar to a mattress, except without all the comfort. It often functions as a provider of elevation, shock absorption, and a sturdy foundation under your mattress.


Do You Need a Box Spring?

The real question that needs to be answered is do you need a box spring. There isn’t one answer to this question and it does depend on several things. The box spring provides the foundation and support for your mattress, which makes it a valuable item to have. It will likely extend the life of your mattress and help improve the comfort of your sleep. Comfort is obviously important, since getting a good night’s sleep is valuable to your health.

There are several scenarios when you definitely will be needing a box spring. For example, if you have a bed that is essentially a metal or wooden frame that goes around the edge of the bed. If you place just a mattress on the frame, you’ll experience a severe bowing in the middle. This will decrease the life of your mattress and certainly cause some discomfort over time.

Other bed frames, even if they have support in the middle of the bed will be much more comfortable with a box spring. The box spring will provide additional support and also elevation. This means you can sleep comfortably and be high enough that it doesn’t feel like you’re at floor level when you’re sleeping.


Why Do You Need a Box Spring Only Sometimes?

While many beds will benefit from a box spring, there are certain occasions when you won’t need a box spring. For example, a platform bed as an example of why do you need a box spring in only certain beds. The platform bed will have a board or slab of wood that will act as your mattress support. In turn, you won’t truly need the box spring to support your mattress.

You can also get some platform beds that are already elevated, which will reduce your need to add a box spring under your mattress. If you have an elevated platform bed, box spring, and mattress your biggest concern would be not hitting your head on the ceiling with all that height!


All of this information does lead you to another next big question you’ll need to answer in your mattress buying process. Now, you’ll have to choose whether you want to go with a box spring or a platform bed. Lucky for you, we can help you make that decision easier as well!

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