Helix Mattress Coupon Code, Discounts, and Current Promos July 2018

Helix coupon code

The new Helix Mattress coupon code will save you $150 when you purchase any mattress and another product during the same shopping trip. The code for this deal is July150. However, if you just want to buy a mattress, you can use the code July100 to get $100 off your new bed. In order to get your discount, you’ll need to use the Helix Mattress promo code, July150 or July100, at check out. Remember, in order to use this Helix Mattress promo code and to get other Helix Mattress deals, you’ll need to buy direct through the Helix website.

One of the coolest things about Helix is that you get to design your own mattress. They take a number of things into account and design each mattress to be unique and suited for you. If you’re in a couple you can order a mattress that is dual sided so you both have what you need, or a blended mattress that takes both of your needs into account and mixes them into one whole mattress. They look at the feel (how soft or firm you’d like it), whether you sleep hot, your body size and height, and the position you commonly sleep in. This allows them to craft the best mattress for you!

Despite all this customization, you’ll find that Helix Mattress deals are good enough that they aren’t much more expensive than the other mattresses in their class. When you add in the fact that you can use the Helix Mattress product code, July150, to save $150 or July100 to save $100, you might find the prices to be even better!

If you’re ready to start the customization process you should head over to Helix. If you buy a mattress with another Helix product you’ll have a chance to enter the Helix Mattress product code, July150, which will save you $150 off the cost of your new bedding!

Your Helix Mattress coupon code July 2018 – save $150 with July150 when you purchase a mattress and another item. You can also save $100 with code July100.


The Helix Mattress Sleep Trial!

Helix will take your mattress back and not charge you a thing during their 100-night sleep trial. They recommend you give it the first 30 days to see if you love your mattress. If you’re unhappy, give them a call! Depending on the problem, they can add in a mattress topper that should help. If you still have a problem, just call them before your trial ends. They will take back your mattress and make sure you’re not charged. This means you have a no-risk way to try out Helix for yourself.

Don’t forget, your Helix Mattress coupon code July 2018, July150 or July100 will need to be added at checkout!


Instructions to use this Helix Mattress coupon code:

  1. Go to Helix
  2. Customize your mattress and pick out another product for code July150.
  3. Go to the cart and enter the Helix Mattress coupon code July150 or July100 for just mattress purchases.
  4. Save $100 or $150 depending on which code you use!

This is the current Helix Mattress coupon code. If more become available or there are other Helix Mattress deals, we’ll be sure to list them here for you.

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