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Getting adequate restful sleep is vital to our health and happiness. While a lot goes into proper sleep hygiene and strategies, one of the most important factors for ensuring good sleep is to give yourself a quiet, dark place to rest. For times when that isn’t possible, sleep masks can help block out light and make it easier to sleep. We’ll help you find the best sleeping mask of 2018 in this detailed guide.

Exposure to light is one of the many things that can effect the quality of your sleep. Some people are more sensitive to light than others, but it tends to affect everyone in some way. Sleep masks can help a lot, by blocking out all external light sources while you’re sleeping – whether you’re at home, or on a plane! Whether you want an eye mask for travel or a comfortable sleeping mask to block out morning light at home, there are lots of options. To help narrow down the search, we’ve put together this helpful guide covering the best sleeping masks on the market!


Quick Picks for the Best Sleeping Mask 2018


Our Research


Our Picks for the Best Sleep Masks 


Versatile: Alaska Bear

Alaska BearKey Features: Soft and comfortable; versatile design works for most people; very popular choice; well reviewed; very affordable

Price Range: $

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The Alaska Bear sleep mask is one of the most popular options on the market. For those looking for a versatile choice, it’s the best sleep mask for the price. It’s made with natural mulberry silk on both sides, making for a super soft and silky feel.

It’s a relatively simple, flat design, which means it works well for all sleep positions and most face sizes. This design makes it quite versatile. The downside of this design, however, is that it can put some pressure on your eyes. Other mask styles have a more rigid structure, designed to keep some space between your eyes and the mask. That style may seem more comfortable for some, but they tend to not work as well for side sleepers.

Overall, the Alaska Bear is perhaps the most comfortable sleep mask. It makes for a good eye mask for travel, or for home use. And the affordable price makes it an easy choice for those on a tight budget! Click here to learn more!


Best Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers: Babo Care Silk

Babo CareKey Features: Soft and comfortable; adjustable strap; works well for side-sleepers; comes with free earplugs

Price Range: $$

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The Babo Care Silk Sleep Mask is a comfortable sleeping mask that’s a best-seller on Amazon. In our opinion, it’s the best sleeping mask for side sleepers. This is because of the soft, flexible yet secure design of the mask, which stays in place even as you shift positions.

This mask is lined with mulberry silk on both sides, for a very soft and silky feel. It’s also quite breathable, despite the thick look of the mask. We found this mask to function well and stay in place in most sleep positions. In sleep mask reviews, several users noted that this mask was comfortable and effective when side sleeping.

Babo Care also throws in some extras with this mask: a free pair of reusable earplugs, and a 60-day guarantee for the mask. If you’re not satisfied with the product, the manufacturer will make it right. Click here to learn more!


Best Sleep Mask for Back Sleepers: Unimi


Key Features: Contoured, 3d design; dome design keeps pressure off your eyes; works best for back sleepers; very comfortable

Price Range: $

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The Unimi is the best sleep mask for back sleepers – although it might not work too well for side sleepers. The mask features a unique 3d, contoured design, similar to goggles. This helps create a dark environment, without putting pressure on your eyes. If you’re someone who has tried other masks and finds eye pressure unpleasant, this is a great choice.

Again, we don’t recommend this mask for side sleepers – but for back sleepers, it works great! We found this mask to be quite effective in blocking light, as the nose design effectively conforms to the shape of your face and keeps out those pesky beams of light. This mask also features an adjustable headband which makes it easy to customize for the shape of your head. Click here to learn more!


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How We Picked the Best Sleeping Mask

There are a lot of different options out there – how did we pick the best one?

Comfort – Finding the most comfortable sleep mask was a priority for our research team. An uncomfortable sleep mask is not going to be very helpful, even if it does do a great job of blocking out light. We focused on masks that worked well but were very comfortable.

Sleep Positions – We tested masks in various sleep positions to see how they performed. The design, shape and stiffness of each mask has a big impact on how it works in particular positions. Side sleeping tends to cause the most issues, so we broke our selection down into categories based on sleep position.

Materials & Cooling – The materials a mask are made with are quite important. For one, the materials are the biggest contributor to the mask’s durability, softness and comfort. They are also important for cooling and airflow. Some materials simply don’t let much air in or out, which can lead to an uncomfortable, stuffy and hot sleep experience!

Quality and Value – Sleep masks are usually quite affordable – our pick for best sleeping mask overall is often available for around $10. And there are certainly cheaper options – but, we focused on high quality products that offered good value, at a fair price.

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