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Is there anything more luxurious than a set of satin sheets? The feel of the cool, slick fabric on bare skin can send chills up and down your spine. But there are certainly degrees of quality when it comes to choosing the best satin sheets, and you probably don’t want to settle for the low end. There are good sheets at a variety of price points, so how do you know what to buy?

Not only do you need to know what to buy and where to buy it, but you may have additional questions such as comparing silk versus satin sheets and wondering how to wash satin sheets once you have them. Here is our complete guide to help you find the best option for you!


Quick Picks for the Best Satin Sheets 2020


Our Research


Satin Sheets Reviews

While satin sheets may all seem the same, there are a few differences. One of the most obvious is price. We looked for bed sheet sets in a variety of price ranges with various benefits for you to compare. And in a world of silk vs satin sheets, we wanted to show you the ways that this manufactured fabric can offer the same luxury as expensive silk options.


Great Pick: ARTALL Satin Sheet Set

Folded sating sheets piled on top of eachotherKey Features: 4-piece set; silky smooth satin; good reviews

Price Range: $$

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You can also get the ARTALL bed sheet set, which is made from satin weave and durable polyester microfiber satin with a premium sheen. The ARTALL bed sheet has deep pockets for fitting on to large mattresses, and it comes in king, queen, and full sizes. The ARTALL is a 4-piece set, it contains a fitted bed sheet, flat bed sheet, and 2 pillowcases.

You can get the ARTALL bed sheet set in either black, blue, gray, light gray, or red color – making for a perfect fit for almost any bedroom style. This is definitely our top pick for a best satin sheet set, due to its premium feel coming at an excellent value for money. This 4-piece will be everything you need for your bedding needs, and maintaining it will be very easy since this satin bed set can be machine washed (while minding the right setting of course).

Reviews on Amazon are quite positive and the experiences seem to be wonderful for those looking for a cool and soft sleeping experience. Many of the customers were pleased with the satin fabric, praising its feel and quality, and several customers commented that they would be purchasing additional sets after trying a premium satin bed sheet set for the first time. The very few negative experiences seem to come from people who were quite surprised at the slipperiness of satin.

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Affordably Priced: EHP Satin Sheets Set

Folded Satin Sheets stackedKey Features: Tons of color options; quite affordable; 4-piece set

Price Range: $

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At a very affordable price, you can get into the satin sheet game with this great set from EHP. The EHP bed sheet set comes as a 4-piece set, with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases measuring 20×30 or 20 x 40 inches. This great deal made our list because it is the go-to option for those that wish to give the satin sheets game a try.

The EHP bed sheet set comes at a great selection of options, you can get it in: twin, full, queen, king, and cal. king sizes. You can choose from various colors: black, chocolate, gold, ivory, navy, red, royal blue, silver, taupe, teal, white, light pink, and sage. This wide selection of choices, at this price, is the single best deal we found for anybody to find an option that suits their bedroom setting without spending a lot of money.

Reviewers continue to describe the bedsheets as cooling, which is a standard for good quality satin sheets. The feel of satin on your skin will help you stay comfortable and cool all night long, and as many reviewers mention — sleeping in satin is good for the skin and the hair. But in very few cases, customers have complained about how slippery the sheets are. Remember that satin is very smooth to the touch and if you’re not expecting that you would feel like you’re slipping.

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Luxury Comfort: Opulence Bedding

Bedroom with large bed and black sating sheets and pillowsKey Features:Silky smooth satin; wide color options; luxurious feel

Price Range: $$$

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The luxurious six-piece set from Opulence Bedding comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and four pillowcases measuring 20×40 inches. It comes available in: twin, twin XL, full, full XL, short queen, queen, and cal. king size. You can choose from more than 20 colors such as black, burgundy, lilac, peach, royal blue, etc.

The Opulence Bedding sheet set is very much a high-end premium product, with finer stitching and with an even softer, silky-smooth satin. This bed sheet set made our list as a pick for those who are looking for a truly high quality satin set for a luxury bedroom experience. And since there are TONS of color options and it comes in more size options than your typical set — if you’re looking for an odd-size with great quality and color, this is a good option to choose.

The Opulence Bedding sheet set gets good reviews overall and customers seem to be happy, with some saying they would be buying additional sets. The most common impression is that this set feels very soft and very smooths. However, very few concerns were raised about washing the set, so be careful to follow the instructions when putting it in the washing machine, as this bed sheet set is well worth taking care of and maintaining.

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Cotton “Satin”: Pizuna 1000 Threadcount Bed Sheet Set

Sheets and pillows neatly stacked with coloured squares at the bottomKey Features: Satin-like cotton; 1000 thread count luxury; super soft feel; great reviews

Price Range: $$$

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This set from Pizuna is not true satin, but it has a satin-like feel. It’s made from 100% long staple cotton, using a luxurious 1,000 thread-count construction — which is usually quite a bit more expensive than this set is priced at. They even come with a satisfaction guarantee! The high-quality thread count results in an ultra soft and silky feel that many people think feels like satin, which is exactly why this set made our list. Thi set is a great pick for people who like the silky smooth satin but prefer cotton for fabric.

The Pizuna bed sheet set comes in several sizes such as queen, king, and cal. king size.You can have your set in more than 15 colors: birch ivory, blue fog, pine green, rio red, etc. Also, it boasts a perfect fit with a deep pocket fitted with a special patented stitching pattern using high-quality 12mm all-around elastic to ensure that the sheet does not pop off the corner of the mattress.

The Pizuna set is very well rated with 85% of customers giving it a 5-star rating. Most customers were praising how breathable the sheet set is, which is definitely a point to consider a high-quality cotton bed sheet set that feels as smooth and soft as satin. But as some reviewers commented, cotton sheets may wrinkle when not washing and drying properly. So just be mindful when popping it in the washing machine.

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Wrinkle-Free: Sweet Dreams Silky Satin

Beige folded sating sheetsKey Features: Wrinkle-free construction; silky smooth; 300 thread-count; luxury on a budget

Price Range: $$

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Hate wrinkles? The Sweet Dreams Satin sheet set may be for you! This set uses superior construction and fabrics to reduce wrinkles, even after the bed has been slept on. It also has a 300 thread-count, which leaves it feeling soft and silky smooth. A hassle-free set, with a premium feel and a great price, the Sweet Dreams Satin sheet set had to make our list as a great option.

The Sweet Dreams Satin sheet set comes in twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, olympic queen, king and california king sizes. You can get this set in 18 colors such as black, burgundy, ivory, sage, champagne, etc. The manufacturer boasts for a great build, crafting the set in a way that it will cool you off in the summer, but keep you warm on cold nights.

The Sweet Dreams Satin sheet set has received positive reviews, and customers describe this product as finely made and durable, along with soft and luxurious. Buyers have described multiple uses, including comfort for older adults. In very few cases, customers criticized the washing of the set which seems to always happen to people with first-time experiences with satin. Be mindful to follow the washing instructions carefully.

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All Natural: Bamboo-Derived Rayon Bed Sheets by Zen Bamboo

Zen Bamboo Bamboo-Derived Rayon Bed Sheets

Key Features: Eco-Friendly; Hypoallergenic; Wrinkle-Resistant; 4-piece set; can be washed in a washing machine

Price Range: $$

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This 4-piece set from Zen Bamboo comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. You can choose from various sizes: twin, full, queen, king, and cal. king. The pillowcases are one size 20×26 inches. The fitted sheet has elastic on all the edges and can suit a 15-inch thick mattress. The bed sheet has a zipper and the pillowcases have envelope closing for easy use. Together with many sizes, it comes in a wide range of colors: black, brown burgundy, cream, gold, gray, navy blue, olive, purple, blue, taupe, and white.

The sheet is made of 40% bamboo-derived rayon and 60% microfiber which helps you to sleep cold and protects against overheating. It’s also good for people with sensitive skin or people who have allergies. They don’t contain chemicals and according to some users they are dust free, so they are a great match for people sensitive to dust. The material is known as Bamboo quinone and has anti-bacterial, anti-mite, and deodorant proof properties. The satin is cool and soft making it suitable for babies and toddlers. 

Unlike, many satin sheets, these satin sheets can be washed in a washing machine and this makes them very easy to maintain. However, in some reviews users have mentioned that the sheets can shrink. In the few comments we read about this, they said this happened when they washed the satin sheets in cold water. They are very few, but if you want to be on the safe side, wash them in warm water.

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Wrinkle-free Glam: Todd Linens Satin Sheets

Key Features: 6-piece set; can be washed in a washing machine; can be tumble dried on low; one size fits Queen and King beds

Price Range: $$

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The Todd satin sheets are a 6-piece set counting one fitted sheet, one duvet cover and 4 pillowcases. It comes in one size that fits both Queen and King-sized beds. The fitted sheet that measures 152×203 cm and can fit a 15-inch thick mattress, the duvet cover is 220×230 cm, and the pillowcases are 50×75 cm that can fit big pillows. It comes in various colors like brown, olive, and cream. The duvet cover has a zipper and the pillowcases use buttons.

The material is composed of satin and polyester and is very soft and has a silky feel. The combination of materials makes it wrinkle-free which is a big bonus. They are perfect for every season because the material has a temperature regulating property. The Todd satin sheets can be washed in a washing machine and tumble dried on a low setting. Most satin sheets don’t give the option for a machine wash, let alone a tumble dry. Plus they are wrinkle-free that literally lets you wash-tumble dry-use.

However, some users that have sensitive skin have complained about skin irritation. This might be due to the fact that the sheets material is not 100% natural. If you are one of them, maybe you should consider choosing more natural materials.

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Budget-Friendly: Chezmoi Collection Bridal Satin Sheet Set


Chezmoi Collection Bridal Satin Sheet

Key Features: 4-piece set; can be washed in a washing machine; can be tumble dried on low

Price Range: $$

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You can get these Chezmoi satin bed sheets at a very affordable price. It’s a 4-piece set that comes in various sizes and colors. It comes in nine colors: black, ivory, navy, purple, silver, red champagne, gray, and teal. You can choose full, king, queen, and cal. king size. The pillowcases measure 20×40 inches. The set has one fitting sheet, one flat sheet and two pillowcases. The fitting sheet has elastic all around the edges to keep it in place and can fit a 14-inch mattress.

Although it’s made of polyester many users complement its cool feeling and the silky touch. The material is also known for its hold of colors, so you can wash them without worrying. The Chezmoi satin sheets can also be washed in a washing machine and be tumble dried on a low setting.

These sheets are soft, but polyester can make your bed warmer because it doesn’t breathe. If you are a hot sleeper, these sheets are probably not for you. Some users have complained that the sheets snag where your feet/legs lay. And it also fits only a 14-inch mattress so if you have a thicker one, these sheets might not be your pick.

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Luxury Comfort: HollyHOME Silky Soft Luxury 4-Piece Satin Sheet Set


HollyHOME Silky Soft Satin Sheets

Key Features: 4-piece set; fit corner straps; can be washed in a washing machine; can be tumble dried on low

Price Range: $$

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HollyHome is a company with a 10-year old history in the business and enjoys a reputation for its great quality products. This 4-piece set from HollyHome comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. You can choose from various sizes: full, queen, and king. The pillowcases are one size 20×30 inches. The set comes in five colors: teal, black, navy, beige, and gray. What’s best about this set is that it comes with free fitted straps to help you fit the sheets and adjust the length as desired. The fitted sheet has elastic all around the edges and can fit a 17 inch deep mattress.

The smooth and silky soft touch that you’ll get is due to the 100% woven microfiber polyester satin the HollyHome satin sheets are made of. The density of the sheet set is 95 GSM. The material these sheets are made of is very much suitable for a machine was and can be tumble dried on a low setting. These wrinkle free bed sheets will give your bed a classy finish look every satin bed sheet lover dream of. Many users have commented that the pictures are true to the product, from color vibrance to size fitting. They also create optimal sleeping temperature and a smooth sensation on your skin

However, some users have complained that if not handled properly, the sheets are very easy to tear.

Click here to learn more about HollyHOME Silky Soft Satin Sheets!


5-star Luxury Feel: Bedsure 4-Piece Satin Bed Sheet Set


Bedsure Satin Sheets

Key Features: Very affordable; 4-piece set; silky smooth satin; 5-star hotel bed sheet feel

Price Range: $

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These satin sheets from Bedsure have a very affordable price for a 4-piece set. It has one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. The fitted sheet has elastic all around for a better fit and it’s recommended for a 14 inch thick mattress. It comes in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. The pillowcases measure 20×30 inches. You can choose from two luxurious colors: cream and black.

The fabric is made of polyester and can sustain many washing and drying cycles. It has a silky and smooth touch as anyone would expect from a satin sheet. Many users have commented that it has a five-star hotel bed sheet resemblance. The sheets have a slippery feel that makes turning around pretty easy. Combined sleepers will love diving in these sheets. The material is also wrinkle free due to its composition. Since polyester holds color, you won’t need to worry about color fades.

Do keep in mind that polyester holds heat and will make the bed slightly warmer. So if you are a hot sleeper, maybe you should consider natural fabric composition. The fitted sheet can only hold only a 14 inch thick mattress, so if your bed is thicker this is not a pick for you. Some users have also complained of easy tears when not handled properly. Consider keeping it away from sharp objects.

Click here to learn more about Bedsure Satin Sheets!

Benefits of Using Satin Sheets

There are so many claims that you must use silk pillowcases because they are gentle on your skin and hair, especially if you have sensitive skin and/or brittle hair. Satin sheets have proven to have similar benefits while being at an affordable price.

Feel and look – Satin sheets have a glossy luxurious look. They feel soft and smooth on your skin. That’s why many users claim to have the same experience as sleeping on a 5-star hotel bed.

Hygiene – Many satin fabrics have dust-resistant and ani-mites properties. This is why they are a preferable choice for people with allergies and sensitive skin types.

Shiny hair and less breakage – Cotton pillowcases increase friction making your hair more prone to breaking and tangling. Satin will allow your hair to slide on it with far less friction. Cotton can also become humid during the night and can cause frizz. Satin doesn’t absorb moisture so you’ll wake up with shiny hair and less split ends.

Styled hair and hair loss – People who blow dry their hair to style it know all too well the struggle waking up with tangled and dry hair that has lost its form. The silky smooth surface of the satin will help your styled hair to keep its form for longer. Satin pillowcases are advisable for people who are bedridden to prevent hair loss caused by harsh rubbing.

Sensitive skin – People with sensitive and dry skin will love how their skin slides over satin sheets preventing irritations and itchiness. In combination with being dust-resistant, your skin will feel blissful.

Comfort – Satin sheets are soft and cool, making it very comfortable to sleep on and warm well on cold nights making it a perfect sleeping surface during all seasons.

Smooth and soft skin – Sleeping on a cotton bedsheet or pillowcase can cause lines on your skin. Cotton doesn’t allow the skin to glide smoothly and the chances of lines appearing are higher. They disappear soon enough, but over time this causes fine lines and wrinkles. Cotton sheets also absorb moisture from your skin resulting in dry, brittle skin. Using satin sheets and pillowcases reduces the chances of lines and dry skin since satin lets your skin glides smoothly and doesn’t absorb moisture.

Allergies – Some satin sheets have amino acids that make your skin look younger. They’re also dust and mites resistant and are very good for people prone to allergies

Where to Buy Satin Sheets

Satin sheets have never really gone out of style. You can buy them at your local home good store as well as online at sites such as Amazon. Buying through Amazon gives you some peace of mind that the satin sheet products are reviewed by real people and recommended.


How to Wash Satin Sheets

There are a few varying schools of thought when it comes to washing satin sheets. It really depends on the material that is used to make the sheets. Although satin is usually made with polyester, it can also be made from silk, wool and other fibers.

Experts recommend washing satin sheets on the delicate cycle, or hand-washing. Cold water is best, whether you’re hand-washing or using your washer. It’s best to hang-dry or tumble dry on low.

If you have very expensive sheets, it may even be worth taking them to the dry cleaners.

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 – Are satin sheets good?
In our opinion satin sheets are a great option if you like to have you sheets feel cool and especially good for hot sleepers. The style and look of these sheets is also a plus as the look luxurious too.

– What are the best satin sheets to buy?
The best satin bed sheets to buy depends on preference but you can review our list above which shows many different options in their unique winning areas. Price is the main factor in this choice as the more quality you want the more it costs (Usually).

– Are satin sheets comfortable to sleep in?
Satin sheets are comfortable to sleep in particularly for hot sleepers who wish to be kept cool at night. This is also dependant on what fabric you use as silk satin will keep you cool whereas cotton satin will trap the heat and keep you warm.

– Is silk or satin sheets better?
This is a trick question as they are 2 different things… Silk is a material and Satin is a type of weave so you can have silk satin sheets which are quite popular. Satin is not a material so unable to compare the two.

How We Picked the Best Satin Bed Sheets

You may think a satin sheet is a satin sheet. And there may be some truth to this. But in order to bring you the best satin sheets available, we reviewed the following criteria:

Price – We wanted to provide a variety of price points to enter the satin sheet market. If you want inexpensive, we have that. If you want lap of luxury, we have that too.

Reviews – Consulting reviews allowed us to see what people liked, and didn’t like, about each bed sheet set. This gave us a basis for determining the most highly rated satin sheets available.

Quality – Craftsmanship on these items is important. Based on the information from the manufacturer and several first-hand reviews, these items are top quality on the market.

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