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I’ll admit my bias up front. Though I wrote quite a few of these round-ups looking at all different types of sheets, microfiber sheets are my own personal favorite. Recently upgrading to a king size bed, I bought a wonderful new set of crisp, microfiber sheets in yellow to brighten up my bedroom. And I am absolutely in love.

So how do you know where to start and how to choose the best microfiber sheets? Before you head out to the store (or over to Amazon, let’s be honest!), it can be helpful to see a microfiber sheets review to determine what others like and don’t like. This is the guide for you.


Quick Picks for the Best Microfiber Sheets in 2020


Our Research


Our Picks for the Best Microfiber Sheets of 2020

The good news about microfiber sheets is that they are affordable, even in the most expensive options, and durable. Here are out top picks and short reviews to help you make your decision.


Mid-Range: Bare Home Premium


Key Features: Affordably priced; huge range of size options; split sizes available; great reviews

Price Range: $$

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If you’re looking for a quality but budget-friendly microfiber sheet set, this set from Bare Home is a great choice. At a mid-range price for a set of 3, you can choose from a number of colors and get a great deal at the same time. This set is also available in split sizes and other hard-to-find size options.

The material is described as durable and soft. As with any microfiber sheet, there is no grade for thread count, but users agree that they are exceptionally comfortable when compared to more expensive, high thread count cotton sheets.

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Affordable Luxury: SONORO Kate 

SONORO KateKey Features: Luxurious look & feel; still quite affordable; 6-piece set (extra set of pillow cases)

Price Range: $$

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These sheets from SONORO are described as luxury and the reviews support that assertion. They are wrinkle free and billed as hypoallergenic. They are deep pocket sheets with good elastic to help the fitted sheet stay secure.

You get six pieces, including additional pillow cases, to complete the set. There are eight color options, so a decent variety, but certainly not as many options as some of our other recommendations.

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Affordably Priced: Amazon Basics 

AmazonBasics microfiber sheets reviewKey Features: Budget-friendly; wide color and size options; complete 4-piece set

Price Range: $

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For the budget price range, Amazon has produced this quality microfiber sheet set. They are also deep pocket sheets and reports indicate that they stay in place when the bed is made.

The overall reviews are great, and they are really meant to be a budget option for microfiber sheets, so keep that in mind when making this purchase. But users indicate they are durable and soft.


Wrinkle-Resistant: Allo Soft Microfiber

Allo Soft MicrofiberKey Features: Wrinkle-resistant fabric; durable construction; affordably priced; true colors

Price Range: $$

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For deep-pocket mattresses, the affordably priced sheet set from Allo is a great choice. It’s wrinkle resistant and breathable, which will help keep you cool at night. The set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillow cases.

Customer reviews indicate the fabric is durable, the color is true, and the sheets are soft and comfortable.

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Durable Construction: Cok 3-Piece Set

Cok 3-Piece SetKey Features: Durable and long-lasting; fade resistant coloring; soft and comfortable; excellent reviews

Price Range: $$$

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This 3-piece sheet set is highly rated by Amazon customers. They are durable, stay solid after laundering, and fit well. Users indicate they do not wrinkle or pill during use. Colors should also hold up quite well, as these sheets are fade-resistant.

They are also soft and cool, which can be a major draw for many sleepers. Staying cool at night is a number one request when it comes to the right sheet set.

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Where to Buy Microfiber Sheets

Microfiber sheet sets are becoming very popular, and because of that you can find them at your local bedding stores as well as online. Buying online with Amazon gives you the comfort of reviews as well as the ability to have it shipped and the customer support if anything doesn’t work out.


How to Wash Microfiber Sheets

Microfiber sheets are easy to wash. They can be run through the washing machine on a regular cycle, making them very easy for busy households. You can wash them on warm or hot and use a mild detergent. Don’t use fabric softener, it can get into the spaces between the material and affect the feel of the sheets.


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What makes us experts in microfiber sheets?

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How We Picked the Best Microfiber Sheets

Not all sheet sets are created equal. And as someone who also uses microfiber sheets exclusively, I wanted to provide an unbiased review for readers.

Price – While microfiber sheets are affordable overall, we aimed to share multiple price points. From under $20 and up, we shared multiple entry points.

Reviews – Reading customer reviews allowed us to understand what people liked and didn’t like about each sheet set. We then pulled the top-rated sheet sets for our list.

Quality – Based on manufacturer information and reviews, we also looked at the durability of these sheets before making a recommendation.

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