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Graduating from college brings up future plans for most people. When I was graduating, I had more than one friend say that they were building a tiny home so they could travel at will and live in a nearly self-sustaining home. While I don’t live in a tiny home, the idea of being able to move from place to place, but still have my own personal space the way I want it as a constant, is an appealing thought. One thing I’ve always been curious about, though is the idea of the bedroom.

There are a lot of setups for tiny homes. Some people have bedrooms that are up a flight of steps so that their bedroom is a personal space. Others have Murphy beds, futons, slide-out beds, or another situation that works for them, and the amount of space that they have. So, what is the best mattress for tiny homes? That’s going to depend on your home. Things like how big your sleep space is will definitely come into play.

When searching for the best bed for tiny homes, it’s going to be a different process than if you were searching for a mattress for back pain or for someone who is a side sleeper. Choosing the best mattresses for tiny homes often means you’re looking for a mattress that is good for any specific issues that you have, but also a mattress that qualifies as the best bed for tiny homes living. You need something that fits into your space comfortably without being an eyesore.

Obviously, you’re going to look for the same things you’d look for in any mattress. The best mattresses for tiny homes are just like any other kinds of mattresses. They don’t have mattresses that are made specifically for tiny homes. You know you’re going to want something comfortable that suits your living space in the most fashionable way possible.

The good news is that it’s easy to find the best mattress for tiny homes online. Shopping online for your mattress often means better prices, more flexibility, and a free trial.

Here are some of the best mattresses for tiny homes



Leesa mattresses aren’t the thickest mattresses at 10″ thick, but thanks to the variety of foams used to make each mattress, you can bet that each mattress is not only durable, but it feels thicker than it is! Not only are Leesa mattresses comfortable, they are made to last for years. Each mattress has a cooling top layer, so if you find you get hot when you sleep, your mattress will keep you comfortable through the night.

As Leesa sells all of the mattresses they make online, with no physical showroom, you are able to get better deals for the mattress that you purchase. Not only are these mattresses reasonably priced, they give a free one to charity for every ten they sell. They also give you a 100-night trial (that’s nearly 4-months) to determine if you love the mattress or want something else.



Eve only makes one mattress. Rather than offer a wide variety, they have spent all of their time perfecting the best mattress, and people really do love it. The mattress is made from a combination of foams, including memory foam and more specialized foams. This means you can expect durability, good bounce, great compression, reliable comfort, and a nice cooling top layer. It’s everything most people will want in a mattress. It also works for a variety of sleep styles, which makes it great for a wider variety of people.

Like Leesa, Eve is worried about getting their mattress out to the most people at the lowest available cost. This means online buying, and cutting out the middle man. The result is a fairly priced mattress that has a higher quality than anything you’ll find in a local mattress showroom. Eve mattresses include a 100-night trial, so if you don’t like it the mattress can be returned for free.



If you’re tight on space, Dreamfoam offers a huge variety of mattresses. With Dreamfoam, you can find mattresses for standard bedrooms or bedding spaces as small as an RV. The majority of Dreamfoam mattresses are made from a combination of specialty foams, memory foam, and latex. Dreamfoam has a wide selection, so you can find a mattress that suits your unique needs. For example, their latex mattresses are hypoallergenic and breathable. They also have mattresses that offer cooling. Chances are, no matter what your sleep requirements are, Dreamfoam can meet them.

Dreamfoam mattresses are made in the USA and they come with a 10-year warranty, which is pretty standard. They offer beds as low as $200 and as high as into the thousands. This allows you to find the mattress you deserve at a price you can afford. You also receive 90-days to figure out if the mattress you choose was made for you. If not, just send it back and you won’t have to pay a cent. Because they are made for places where saving space is imperative, a Dreamfoam mattress is perfect for nearly any tiny home.

Finding the best mattress for tiny homes is going to depend on your living space more than anything. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. We’ve got answers to all of your mattress questions. So, if you’re looking for the best mattress for your sleep style, we can help you find it!

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