You’re here because you’re on the hunt for the best mattress for kids. On the surface, this seems like an easy decision. Some might just decide to buy a smaller version of any number of beds. It’s important to remember though, when choosing the best bed for kids, you’re choosing the bed that your child will be in while they are growing. This mattress can affect their sleeping patterns and their comfort level while they sleep for as long as it is their bed. With that in mind, choosing the best mattress for kids, might be more important than you thought!

If you’re just not sure how to make the pick, you can relax. In this guide, we’ll tell you what factors you need to consider so that you can find the best mattresses for kids and make a choice from there.

As you make the decision about what is the best bed for kids you need to remember that you’re dealing with growing bodies. As you’re probably not going to want to purchase a brand-new mattress every year, you’re going to want to consider that in the mattress that you end up choosing. This is why mattress size is so important when selecting the best mattress for kids.

As your children grow they will outgrow their mattress unless you buy one big enough to last them for a while. When it comes to size, specifically, Twin, Twin XL, or Full size tend to make the best mattresses for kids. When it comes to the Twin models (both Twin and XL), you’ll also find that those are the cheapest, also.

If you can afford it, purchasing a higher quality mattress, which may cost more, will actually save you money in the long run. Mattresses that are high quality can last anywhere from 8 to 12 years. Not only that, but the higher the quality, the better your child’s sleep will be. How we sleep affects our overall health, so you want to find the best bed for kids that you can.


What you should look for in the best mattresses for kids:

Comfort/Quality: No one wants their kids to have poor sleeping habits, so to avoid soreness and insomnia you should choose a mattress designed to create a good night’s rest. Occasionally, people will put an older mattress in their child’s room, but if that hand-me-down mattress is old enough to replace it for someone else, it’s old enough to get rid of it and make sure that everyone gets the mattress that they need.

Remember getting a good night’s rest impacts how your child does in school, their mood, and their health, in general. Having the right mattress will ensure good sleep and better overall health. In short, your child will feel better with a better mattress.

Support: The best mattresses for kids are going to be supportive to their bodies. They need something that will allow for proper spinal alignment through the night. Without this they may end up feeling stiff and sore or even just feel general discomfort.

Room to Grow: You aren’t going to want to buy a new mattress every year like you would a pair of shoes or new jeans. Buying a bed that’s good quality and a little bigger than they need currently will allow your child to grow into their bed, saving you money in the long run, and creating a comfortable environment for your child, in the process.


Our Picks for the Best Mattresses for Kids



The Leesa mattress is 10″ thick and is made of a soft comfort foam. This provides a medium sleep surface with plenty of support! Leesa is made of multiple layers of foam that ensure that each mattress is durable, made to last, supportive, and offers added comfort. Each mattress is also breathable and includes a cooling layer, which is great for people who sleep hot. In terms of financing, Leesa mattresses are some of the cheapest in the online marketplace, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good mattress.

Leesa offers a free trial of 100 nights. This allows you enough time to make sure the bed is right for you. If it’s not, just let Leesa know and they will pick up your bed. Each bed that is returned will be donated to a shelter if possible so that it is not wasted. They also donate one bed for every 10 sold.



The great thing about Eve is that each mattress is a mix of a specialized foam that offers added bounce and comfort, along with a layer of memory foam that adds the comfort and stability that many people have grown used to. Eve mattresses include a top cooling layer to keep the bed a neutral temperature. Each mattress is thick enough that it provides adequate comfort without causing too much sinkage.

Eve cuts out the middleman of a salesroom to offer you the best available prices online. A 100-night sleep trial is available. If you have any trouble with your mattress, just return it. If you return your mattress during the trial you won’t be charged a thing.




Each Nolah mattresses is made of a patented air foam that is incredibly responsive. Nolah Air Foam offers the comfort that you might expect with memory foam. It goes beyond though, by providing the bounce that comes with latex. The foam in a Nolah mattress is filled with tiny air pockets allowing the bed to contour to your form, regardless of your shape or size. That’s the entire point of Nolah. Each mattress is built with the goal to offer you better health and a chance at better sleep. In terms of firmness, they are considered medium soft. That said, many users say that are softer than most beds they have experienced.

Nolah offers a 15-year warranty on each mattress and an awesome, 120-night trial period. That’s 4 months to determine if Nolah is right for your kids! Shipping is free, and if you need to return the bed for any reason, that’s free as well! Mattresses are shipped within a 5-day period. For every mattress that is sold, an animal gets adopted and you get to pick the species that is adopted!

SleepZoo readers can also use promo code SLEEPZOO at checkout to save $125! See other Nolah coupon codes here.

If you still have questions about finding the best mattress for kids, you can leave your questions in the comments. Otherwise, we recommend checking out our mattress guide that can help pinpoint the best mattress to help you sleep.

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