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Plenty of the decisions you make as a couple will be difficult. However, there won’t be many as important as choosing the right mattress. There are so many variables here that need to be addressed in order to find the best mattress for couples. What if you want something soft and your partner likes a firmer mattress? How does motion transfer work? You don’t want anything that will disturb your partner if you’re getting up while they are still sleeping. And then there are things like budget to consider.

Luckily, most mattress companies know that not everyone sleeps alone. Whether intentional or not, many mattresses have all the goods required to be considered the best mattress for couples. There’s a lot to consider, but we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of the best mattresses for couples on the market, as well as some tips and tricks to help you get better sleep.


Quick Picks for the Best Mattress for Couples of 2020

Our Research



The Best Mattresses for Couples of 2020

We researched and tested many models in order to find the best couples bed for our readers. It’s difficult to identify a single “best” option, simply because everyone has different preferences. So, we listed some of our top recommendations, broken down into categories.


Customizable: Helix 


Key Features: Completely customized to your body and sleep preferences; split design allows for each side of the mattress to be customized separately

Price Range (Twin-Cal. King): $600-$1195

Risk-Free Trial: 100 nights

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The Helix Mattress is an excellent option for couples who have different sleep preferences. This bed allows for a split design, meaning one side of the bed can be a medium-firm and the other a soft. Plus, it’s much more customizable than just that. When you buy a Helix, you’ll be asked to fill out a brief survey. This information on your sleep preferences, size, etc. is used to recommend a custom composition for your Helix mattress. Thus, this is a truly customized mattress that’s a great pick for couples.

Plus, the Helix is just an all-around comfortable mattress. It’s well made using durable materials, and comes with the backing of a 10-year warranty AND a 100-day risk-free trial! That means you can try Helix for more than 3 months before committing to it.

Read through our Helix review for more information, and check if there are any Helix mattress coupons available to save some money!

Other customizable mattresses worth checking out: Yaasa


Memory Foam: Layla

Layla mattress

Key Features: Two-sided design with a firm side and a soft side; great support; sleeps very cool

Price Range (Twin-Cal. King): $499-$999 with coupon code SLEEPZOO

Risk-Free Trial: 120 nights

Save $100 with code SLEEPZOO

The Layla Mattress is a unique and comfortable bed at a great price. It made our list of the best mattresses for couples because of its versatility and comfort. Layla is unique because it has two firmness levels built into the bed: firm on one side, soft on the other. Keep in mind that this is a dual sided bed, not a split bed – meaning you actually have to flip the mattress over to access the other firmness level. This differs from the Helix, which allows you to split the bed down the middle and customize each side.

Memory foam mattress like Layla are great for couples because they help to minimize motion transfer. In our tests, we found Layla to be very comfortable on both sides. One side is a medium-soft, and the other a medium-firm. This allows Layla to produce only one bed, but suit the needs of a wider variety of people. This also helps to keep costs low.

Layla offers a 120-night risk-free trial – so, you have full 4 months to test out your new bed to make sure you like it.

For more info, read through our Layla mattress review. Ready to buy? Use coupon code SLEEPZOO to save $100 on a mattress of any size. Check out our Layla coupon code guide for other options.

Other great memory foam mattresses worth checking out: Casper, Leesa


 Hybrid: Idle Sleep

Key Features: Hybrid/Latex foam option, Two sided  

Price Range (Twin – Split-King): $729-$1749

Risk-Free Trial: 18 months

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Designed in the USA, by a company that believes and wants to make your and your spouses sleep better, the Idle Sleep Mattress is one of the few that offers true comfort at an affordable price.

Couples have different needs and Idle Sleep knows that. It comes in at 7 different sizes and 2 different comfort levels, which makes it an easy choice even for the pickiest of couples. 

It won’t help you win arguments, but you can definitely sleep it off and think with a cool head in the morning. 

If you’re not satisfied with (but you will) the company gives you a 18 month guarantee. If you do however go for it and get this mattress, be sure to use the 30% off promotion + 2 free pillows.

Other hybrid mattresses worth checking out: Kaya, DreamCloud


Budget-Friendly: Nectar

Key Features: Very affordable; excellent cooling; bouncy and comfortable

Price Range (Twin-Cal. King): $499-$999

Risk-Free Trial: 365 nights

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Nectar Sleep may be the best mattress for couples on a tight budget. This is an incredibly affordable mattress, with prices as low as $499 for a twin. Even though it’s so affordable, it’s still a well-made product that performed quite well in our tests.

This is a foam mattress designed to deliver a good blend of comfort, support, responsiveness and bounce. We found it to be surprisingly comfortable, given the low price point. It also comes with a full 365-day risk-free trial, which is quite generous.

Check out this Nectar Sleep review for more info, and look for current Nectar promotions to save even more money!

Other budget-friendly memory foam mattresses worth checking out: tulo, Zinus Cooling Gel


Luxury: Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

brooklyn bedding aurora

Key Features: True luxury mattress at a reasonable price; hybrid design with coil support and memory foam comfort; available in soft, medium and firm models

Price Range (Twin-Cal. King): $999-$1999

Risk-Free Trial: 120 nights

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The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is a great couples bed for those looking to splurge on a true luxury mattress. The Aurora features a luxuriously comfortable design, with a blend of memory foams and innerspring coils for the perfect mix of comfort and support.

TitanCool technology also helps keep the mattress cool and comfortable in warm climates. Meanwhile, trademark TitanFlex foam layers help provide pressure relief where it is most needed, keeping you comfortable in all sleep positions.

Brooklyn Bedding offers 120 nights to test the bed out and see if it’s right for you. If you decide it’s not working for you and your partner, you can send it back for a full refund! If you’re ready to buy, check first for Brooklyn Bedding coupon codes to save some money! You can also read our Brooklyn Bedding Aurora review for more info on this luxury mattress.

Other luxury mattresses worth checking out: DreamCloud


Tips For Getting Better Sleep With Your Partner

Roughly 1 in 3 couples struggle to find sleeping arrangements that satisfy both partners. If you are in that 33%, you’re probably looking for ways to get better sleep with your loved one. Beyond choosing the best mattress for couples, there are some steps you can take to potentially get better sleep. Here are some ideas:

Consider a bigger bed: The Queen mattress is the most popular size, but it may not be the best fit for all couples. Some people may do better with a King size or even California King.

“A larger bed means more room, so the person who wants it cooler isn’t as affected by the other’s body heat,” says Janet Kennedy, Ph.D. and sleep specialist

Communicate: As with anything in a relationship, communication is key to a good sleep life with your partner. If they are routinely doing something that disrupts your sleep, open a conversation with them about if it would be possible to change something. Likewise, try to keep an open mind about how you can help improve your partner’s sleep.

Come prepared: If your partner snores, listens to music or does other things in bed that may disrupt your sleep, be prepared with the necessary tools to minimize those disruptions.

“Keep a sleep mask and earplugs on your bedside table for emergencies, or try noise-canceling headphones” says Cecilia Lacayo, MD from Delray Beach, Florida

Use a white noise machine (or a fan): Using a machine to help provide some soothing background noise can help minimize the annoyance of hearing your partner snore or make other noises. White noise also helps to keep you asleep through the night, by providing a baseline sound level so that random sounds do not disturb you. A white noise machine, fan, or air purifier will do the trick.

Use separate blankets: If you and your partner seem to constantly be fighting over the blankets, consider a simple fix: buying a separate blanket for each person!


Our Credentials

At SleepZoo, we aim to be your trusted source for all things sleep related. But what makes us qualified to give these recommendations?

Experience – Our experienced team is a bit obsessed with sleep – which is great news for our readers! The site owner is a Certified Sleep Science Coach who has appeared in publications including Huffington Post, Forbes, NBC News, Bustle, The Daily Mail, and more.

Testing – We do not recommend any product without first physically testing it. We test and take thorough notes on each mattress, analyzing it in a variety of situations and sleep preferences.

Research – In addition to our hands-on testing, we also conduct a lot of research into each model. We look at manufacturer specs, expert opinions, and third-party mattress reviews from real customers. This helps to round out our own findings.


How We Chose the Best Bed for Couples

Motion – Many beds have a sway to them that means if you’re sleeping with someone and they get up, you may end up waking up, as well. If you don’t want to wake up every time your partner rolls over you’re going to want a mattress that offers little in the way of motion transfer. The less movement that you feel in your mattress usually means the better you’ll sleep next to your partner at night. This is one of the most important factors when selecting a bed for couples.

Support – This is important when you’re sleeping alone, but when there is two people in bed it’s even more important. A good mattress should provide support throughout. It should contour in all the right places ensuring proper spinal alignment. This means a better and more restful night’s sleep. If you or your partner is on the heavier side, this means you’ll require something with strong support to ensure less sinking, so the mattress works for both of you the way it should.

Sex – You might not think that sex should be a consideration when buying a mattress, but think about it. This is your bed, where you and your partner will likely have plenty of sex. Many of our picks for the best couple’s mattresses also land on our list of the best mattresses for sex.

Versatility – We understand that many couples will not necessarily like the same type of mattresses, the same firmness settings, etc. So, we recommended a few customizable beds that can be more versatile for couples with different preferences.

Durability – You want a mattress that will last a long time. We picked beds that are well made and should withstand the test of time.

Warranty & Free Trial – Buying a mattress online can be a bit intimidating, so we picked beds that offer long risk-free trials of at least 90 days. We also stuck to beds with good warranty coverage.

SleepZoo Staff

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