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You know that favorite t-shirt. Maybe its an oversized shirt with the faded logo of your favorite sports team. Or a concert t-shirt from your favorite band. When you put it on, you feel so comfortable that you never want to take it off. Maybe when you get home from work, you shed your business casual like armor and slip into the familiar skin of this old shirt. What if you could have that feeling every time you went to sleep? Jersey sheets offer this kind of comfort, and when you buy the best jersey sheets on the market, you can have that experience every time.

If you want to know where to buy jersey sheets and how to pick out the best jersey sheets, this review is for you.


Quick Picks for the Best Jersey Sheets 2020


Our Research


Our Picks for the Best Jersey Sheet Sets 2020

Below, find our jersey sheets reviews for various sets that are highly rated. For more info on how we made these selections, see our search criteria listed below.


Top Overall: Briarwood Home Jersey Sheets

Briarwood HomeKey Features: 100% cotton; breathable and soft; easy-care machine washable; great value; great reviews

Price Range: $$

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These 100% cotton jersey sheets are the best value on the list. They come in a neutral gray and in all sizes and are described as very soft and very comfortable. Overall, this set from Briarwood Home is our pick for the best jersey sheet set available today.

One of the benefits of jersey sheets is the all-year use. They’re not as heavy as flannel, so they make great sheets for all seasons. This set in particular is quite durable, with 150GSM fabric weight and a wrinkle, stain and fade-resistant construction.

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Mid-Range: Brielle Fashion

Brielle FashionKey Features: Stylish rose design; luxury feel at an affordable price; complete set; excellent reviews

Price Range: $$

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This set of sheets from Brielle Fashion is a solid mid-range option. If you’re looking for a classic pattern in a cotton sheet set this jersey sheets set has excellent reviews and a durable construction. They also fit beds requiring deep pocket fitted sheets.

The quality is repeatedly described as soft and durable. A Jersey sheets review on this page indicates that the sheet set are luxury quality at an affordable price.

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Luxury: Soft Tees

Soft TeesKey Features: Classic simple design; durable; soft and luxurious; good reviews

Price Range: $$$

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The Soft Tees Jersey Sheets are a personal favorite of ours. In classic white, these blended material jersey sheets are a great choice is you’re looking for comfort. They’re soft, durable, and machine washable.

Each jersey sheet review on this product is positive, though the sheets won’t fit mattresses that require deep pocket fitted sheets.

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Budget-Friendly: Amazon Basics

AmazonBasics jersey sheetsKey Features: Very affordable; trusted brand; made by Amazon; great reviews

Price Range: $

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Amazon Basics produces a highly rated sheet set at an affordable price. Pricing, of course, will depend on the size of sheet you need. This set of jersey sheets is 100% cotton and pre-died to create a heathered effect, like some of your favorite casual shirts.

They are sized to fit a large mattress with deep pockets in the fitted sheet. Users also indicate that the material is durable and does not pill with use.

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Minimalist: MissDress 

MisDressKey Features: Clean, simple design; 100% jersey cotton; stylish and modern

Price Range: $$

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The MissDress jersey sheets are a great simple option. Made with 100% jersey cotton, these jersey sheets are just like your favorite t-shirt. They’re affordable and stylish and a perfect additional to your good night’s sleep.

There is no top sheet as a part of this set, so if you require one it may not be the set for you. However, some sleepers prefer no top sheet replacing it with only a duvet, blanket, or comforter, so it is a good choice for them.

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Where to Buy Jersey Sheets

Jersey sheets are becoming more popular, so they’re easy to find just about anywhere. You visit your local home goods or department stores and a find a great selection. Or you can buy them online through sites like Amazon. When you buy online with Amazon, you’ll get their customer support and be able to read real user reviews of the product.


How Do You Wash Jersey Sheets?

Washing jersey sheets is just like washing your favorite t-shirt. While they may be pre-shrunk, washing too often in hot water can cause damage just like it will to your shirts. Washing it on low or cold temps and tumble drying on a low setting will keep them in good shape throughout their lifespan.


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How We Picked the Best Jersey Sheets

Sure, a 100% cotton sheet should be the same the world over, but that isn’t always the case based on manufacturing or handling. To ensure that you’re getting the best jersey sheets we use a combination of criteria for our picks.

Price – Sheet prices are relatively stable, but we want you to see some options from the $20 to the $60 price range and beyond.

Reviews – Looking at a jersey sheet review we can get a sense of what real customers like and don’t like about a product. That helps us inform our readers.

Quality – We also want to ensure that we’re recommending jersey sheets that are manufactured with the best quality.

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