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Having a comfortable and supportive bed is a huge factor in our nightly sleep quality. And given that our sleep quality has a massive effect on our health and well being, it’s really important to choose a good mattress. Because mattresses can be pretty pricey, you’ll also want one that can last a long time. Two-sided or reversible mattresses are a durable pick, but they’re becoming increasingly difficult to find! In this guide, we’ll help you choose the best flippable mattress for your sleep style and budget.

What is the Best Flippable Mattress?

We tested and researched many models to try to find the best rated two sided mattresses and two sided mattress brands. Here’s what we narrowed it down to:


Layla mattress

Key Features: Flippable design offers two firmness levels (soft and medium-firm); very breathable; copper infused memory foam helps with cooling + provides antimicrobial properties.

Price Range (Twin-Cal. King): $499-$999 when you use code SLEEPZOO

Risk-Free Trial: Try it risk-free for 120 nights

The Layla Mattress is the best flippable mattress available today. It’s also one of the best soft mattresses. We don’t say this lightly – but in our testing, Layla was hands-down the most comfortable reversible mattress. It provides the ideal blend of support and cushy comfort, and it’s extremely breathable in cool – so you won’t wake up in a sweat, even in the heat of summer.

Layla is particularly valuable to those craving a versatile mattress, because each side offers a different firmness level. There’s a soft side and a firm side (which we found to be more of a medium-firm in testing). This allows the mattress to suit the needs of a much wider range of people. In fact, Layla’s manufacturer ONLY makes this bed – they literally have on mattress available, and this is it. They have been refining the design over the years, and are able to keep costs WAY down by keeping overhead low. Did we mention you can snag a Layla for as low as $500?!? Remember to use coupon code SLEEPZOO to save $100 at checkout!

Another unique feature of Layla is the copper-infused memory foam. The proprietary foam blend used on the outer layers of the mattress has micro beads of copper. This may sound odd, but it’s a very valuable feature. Copper is an excellent conductor, so it helps to draw body heat away from you and help distribute it, allowing for cooler sleeping. Plus, copper has antimicrobial properties, which helps to keep your bed cleaner!

Plus, you get a 120-night risk-free trial when you buy a Layla. That means you have a full four MONTHS to test out the bed. Not working for you? Simply contact Layla for a full refund. No return shipping fees or restocking fees!

If you want to learn more, read our Layla mattress review. Ready to buy? Check our Layla coupon code guide to score a fantastic deal.



amore flippable mattress

Key Features: Two firmness levels (soft & medium-firm); great cooling and comfort; excellent value for money

Price Range (Twin-Cal. King): $320-$800

Risk-Free Trial: Try it risk-free for 100 nights

The Amore Flippable Mattress is another great two sided mattress. Like Layla, it offers a soft side and a medium firm side, which means it will suit a wide variety of preferences and sleep styles. It’s cheaper, too, with a double sided mattress Queen available for less than $700!

This bed is made up of a 5-layer design that features proprietary FusionFlex foam, which is developed specifically to help with cooling. If your a hot sleeper, this foam will be a lifesaver. The remaining layers are made up of a hyper-contouring transition foam, a high-resistance load defection foam for support, and comfort layers. All this translates to great support and excellent comfort.

Overall, we liked the Amore a lot. We found it to be a bit less supportive than Layla, which is why it’s ranked as #2. That said, it’s also cheaper than Layla, so there are pros and cons to either.

Amore comes with a 100-night risk-free-trial, so you’ll have over 3 months to sleep on it (literally) and return it for a full refund if need be. After that, it’s covered by a 10-year warranty. Check out our Amore Flippable review to learn more.


IDLE Sleep – Hybrid

IDLE Sleep - Hybrid

Key Features: Two firmness levels (medium-firm to firm); can be same-sided; hybrid of foam and coil; carry handles.

Price Range (Twin – Split-King): $833 – $1,600

Risk-Free Trial: Try it risk-free for 18 months

Idle Sleep Coupon 30% off: 4JULY30

You can order the IDLE Sleep mattress both sides medium-firm, both sides firm or as a combination. It is slightly different than the Layla and the Amore flippable mattresses since it doesn’t have a soft side. The company recommends the firm side for people who sleep on their stomach or heavier sleepers or if you simply like firm mattresses. But if you don’t have a sleeping position preference, they recommend choosing the medium side.

The IDLE Sleep flippable mattress is a hybrid. This means that you get the comfort of memory foam and the very much needed support of coils. It has 3 layers of memory foam on both sides: contouring foam to cover softness and comfort; Cooling Buoyancy Foam to support pressure relief and coolness; and Supportive Transition Foam Layer to support in absorbing transition moves. In the middle, there is a 6” layer of coils that go from edge to edge. This way the coil layer gives enhanced edge support preventing sag on the sides. The coils also give support for an easy sleeping position change. One of the best things about IDLE Sleep is that can absorb the motion disturbances from your partner, children, and even your pets.

Most of the mattresses have a safe return of around 4 months, IDLE offers 18 months of risk-free trial, which is probably the longest there is. In case IDLE Sleep is not for you, the return is free, no questions asked. They also offer a lifetime warranty and it has carry handles for an easy flip.


Zenhaven – Latex

Zenhaven Latex

Key Features: Two firmness levels (medium-soft and medium-firm); organic cotton cover; latex 5-zone comfort layer; organic New Zealand wool that for temperature control. 

Price Range (Twin – Cal. King): $1,299 – $2,599

Risk-Free Trial: Try it risk-free for 120 nights

Zenhaven is a more luxurious flippable mattress that uses Talalay latex. It offers a medium-soft side called Luxury Plush and a medium-firm side called Gentle Firm. The Luxury Plush has an airy and plush feel while it gives your body the necessary support. However, there are people who don’t like this, so take this into consideration when choosing. The Gentle Firm side is slightly firmer and it gives pressure-free support. The best thing about latex mattresses is that they last longer than polyfoam ones since they don’t soften over time. 

This mattress is constructed of 5-zone Talalay latex comfort layer, latex support core, organic wool layer, and organic cotton cover. The 5-zone layer gives proper spinal support and pressure relief. You can also rotate it depending where you need most support: shoulders or hips. The support core is made of 100% natural Talalay latex which keeps the sleeping environment free of microbials. The wool layer provides breathability and coolness. The cotton cover gives a soft and luxurious final touch and it’s made of 100% organic cotton.

Overall, it sleeps much cooler than polyfoam beds and the comfort zones support sleeping in any position. It’s definitely a more preferable option for hot sleepers. Zenhaven is very responsive and doesn’t let you sink so turning on it for combo sleepers is very easy

Zenhaven comes with a 100-night risk-free trial. They offer free delivery, but if after 4 months this matters isn’t your match you can return it or exchange it for a $99 fee. If Zenhaven is your match, it comes with a 20-year warranty.


Nest Flip – Hybrid

Nest Flip

Key Features: Two firmness levels (medium and firm); cooling Visco Gel support foam; excellent value for money

Price Range (Twin – Cal. King): $359 – $699

Risk-Free Trial: Try it risk-free for 30 nights

Nest Flip is the most budget-friendly flippable mattress we tried. And it seems to be very popular on Amazon. It offers two sides medium and firm. However, we found the medium side a bit more towards medium-soft and the firm side a bit more towards the medium-firm. The medium-soft side is mostly recommended for lighter people and side sleepers. The medium-firm side is reserved for heavier people and stomach or back sleepers, and also hot sleepers. This side is also recommendable for people who don’t have a preferred sleeping position.

Starting from the medium side, under the quilted cover is the cooling Visco Gel support foam which provides pressure relief. This side is most preferable for hot sleepers and people with babies. In the middle are 6” Caliber Coils which give edge-to-edge support and also limits motion disturbances. So it’s suitable for couples. The firm side has two layers of support foam that gives a buffer while being sturdy. Some people find his side a bit too firm, but you can always put a topper or another layer of foam over it.

All and all, Nest Flip a great budget mattress that you can order on Amazon. It’s supportive and comfortable although it comes in a box and it’s ready to use in no time. Of all the mattresses we tested, Nest Flip is maybe the most suitable for your guest room.

The risk-free trial for this mattress is only 30 days, which we found a bit short. If this bed doesn’t suit you, it follows the Amazon return policy, but if it does it comes with a 10-year limited warranty.


How We Chose the Best Flippable Mattress

These days there are fewer and fewer legitimate options for reversible beds. We looked at all the options, and narrowed down our recommendations for the best flippable mattress based on these factors:

Dual firmness levels – we focused on beds with two different firmness levels. These are the most versatile options that will suit the needs of the widest range of people. They’re also great for guest rooms and for growing kids whose preferences may change over time.

Comfort on both sides – we wanted mattresses that were very comfortable and supportive, on BOTH sides.

Durability – a big reason to get a two sided mattress is because they can last longer – so, we focused on beds that were well built and would last a long time.

Motion transfer – because many people share their bed with a partner or pet, we chose models that have minimal motion transfer. These beds allow you to move around and get out of bed without disturbing your partner much.

Risk-free trials – because many people are hesitant to buy a bed online without trying it first, we only chose beds that come with long risk-free trials.

Value – last but not least, we focused on affordable models that provide excellent value for your money.

What Are The Benefits of a Two-Sided Mattress?

Reversible or flippable mattresses offer a host of benefits over traditional beds, including:

Durability – being able to flip a mattress regularly helps spread around the normal wear and tear a mattress will endure during its lifetime. Even the best mattresses will start to sag and degrade over time, but by flipping the bed over you can drastically extend the lifespan of the mattress. Think about how you flip your couch cushions over to keep them from sagging – the same basic principle applies to beds.

Comfort – most beds will be comfortable initially, but sag and wear and tear can quickly downgrade that comfort. Since flippable beds tend to last longer, they also retain their comfort better over time. If one side starts to feel saggy with a mattress that you can flip over, it’s close to good as new!

Versatility – the best flippable mattress we recommend actually has two different firmness levels, one on each side. So, you can sleep on one side that’s a medium-firm, or flip it over and sleep on the softer side. This allows a single mattress to be very versatile, and fit the sleeping needs of a wider range of people. This style is a good type of mattress for guest rooms, because it gives your guests a choice in their bed’s firmness during their stay.

Value – the flippable mattress brands we recommend are no more expensive than your average mattress (in fact, they’re mostly cheaper!) but these beds provide outsized value. The increased versatility is a huge plus, but the real value comes in the fact that these beds last a lot longer than traditional mattresses.


Downsides Of a Flippable Mattress

Price – Flippable mattresses are in general slightly expensive than a one-sided bed. In the short term, this might be an issue for a tighter budget. Although it pays out in the long run because of its durability, many people it’s the main reason not to buy one.

Difficult to move – A mattress is by no means a light object. Especially a double-sided one which is even heavier due to having more layers. Flipping the mattress can sometimes turn into full exercise time. Not to mention the probability of nocking everything down around and above you like things on your nightstand or the chandelier. Luckily, you’ll be flipping it twice a year top and another set of hands helps a lot. Also, some flippable mattresses have handles, which makes it easier.

Availability – As we mentioned earlier, at the beginning of this century, many bedding manufacturers abandoned the production of double-sided mattresses. Nowadays, there are a few brands that are in this business so people who do decide to go for it usually spend quite some time searching for the right fit.


Differences Between Flipping And Rotating a Mattress And How To Easily Do It

Rotating and flipping a mattress are two different things. You can rotate both one-sided and flippable mattresses. In fact, many manufacturers advise to so regularly in order to avoid wear out and body imprint. When you rotate the bedding you essentially change the position of the head and the foot, not which side faces up. Very often you can do it alone, without knocking things around you. You just spin it on the bed frame until you’ve matched the opposite side. If you have a slatted bed frame it will be a piece of cake. If you have e cased bed frame with headboard and/or footboard it will require a bit of force to move it around. However, you can still do it alone. The Zenhaven mattress, for example, has a latex 5-zone comfort layer so you can rotate it to match your body support needs. So, sometimes rotating a mattress has a functional purpose.

When it comes to flipping a mattress, well, that’s a whole different story. In order to flip a mattress, it has to be double-sided because mattresses with a soft top and very firm base (mainly because the mechanism or the coils are at the bottom) are meant to be used on only one side. When you flip a bed you are basically making the bottom side be up. 

These are some steps on how to easily flip your mattress. First, rotate the mattress so the head comes on the left or the right side of the case. Then raise the mattress and lean it on the headboard or the wall. Make sure you do this because if you are flipping it alone you’ll be using the wall as a helping “hand”. Now you’ll have to slide the side that’s on the bottom towards the foot side of the bed. Do it slowly and control the speed of sliding so the mattress doesn’t do a free fall on the bed base and damage it, remember, double-sided mattresses are quite heavy. Finally, align the mattress with the base by finishing the spin. We recommend asking someone for help, doing it alone is risky. You might end up breaking things or injuring yourself.

Both processes are meant to extend the durability of your mattress. Always check the instruction manual on how often to perform these tasks, usually between every three months to twice a year.


What Happened to Flippable Mattresses?

Reversible mattresses used to be an industry standard, with pretty much every major manufacturer offering beds that could be flipped over regularly. But around 2005-2007, that all started to change. Many brands started switching to mattresses that were one-sided and therefore were not suitable for regular flipping.

Companies came up with all kinds of exclusives, but their real reasons were clear: to make more money. Mattresses that cannot be flipped will start to sag and wear out quicker, which means the average person will buy more mattresses over their lifetime! Around this same time, many companies also shortened the length of their warranties. This translates to more money for mattress manufacturers, plain and simple.

Nowadays, you need to seek out flippable mattress brands that specialize in this type of bed, if you want to find a good reversible mattress. But not to worry – we’ve done the research for you!


Our Credentials

You’ve seen our picks for the best flippable mattress – but why trust us?

Experience – our team has decades of combined experience in the sleep industry, and we’re led by Chris Brantner, a Certified Sleep Science Coach.

Testing – we physically test and analyze the mattresses we recommend to determine comfort and support in a variety of sleep positions.

Research – to flush out our own findings, we do thorough research on all the best mattress models. We look at flippable mattress reviews, expert opinions, and manufacturer specifications to narrow down our findings.

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