Sleep is such an important part of our lives. Thus, anything we can do to improve our sleep quality is well worth it. Unfortunately, many of us can’t afford to buy a new mattress so often, as they can get quite expensive. A simple solution to spruce up an aging mattress is to add a mattress topper. If you’re someone who prefers a firmer feel, you may be looking for the best firm mattress topper. This guide will help you find it!

A good firm mattress topper will be supportive and comfortable. Most people prefer a medium-firm composition, so we focused on that range of firmness and foam density. Keep reading for our top picks!


Quick Picks for the Best Firm Mattress Topper 2018


Our Research


Our Picks for the Best Firm Mattress Topper

Since there are many options when it comes to firmer mattress toppers, we tried to narrow things down to just a few top choices. Here are our recommendations, broken down into categories:


Top Overall: Sleep On Latex Pure Green

Sleep On LatexKey Features: 100% natural latex material; free of synthetics and fillers; available in firm and extra-firm; pinpointed support system

Price Range: $$

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The Sleep On Latex Pure Green is a latex topper that made our pick for the best firm mattress topper. It’s actually available in multiple firmness levels, so everyone can find what they are looking for. This model has extra-firm support, with a firmness rating of 44 ILD. It’s also made with a very dense, durable foam, at 5.9lb/cubic foot.

This is a latex topper that’s made from 100% natural latex. This material has some natural advantages over other types of foam. For one, latex is highly durable. It’s also easier to make in firmer compositions, while still retaining comfort and support. Lastly, it’s naturally cooling, so this is a good choice for anyone who lives in a hot climate, and/or tends to sleep hot at night. Typically natural latex is quite expensive, but this topper is available at a very reasonable price.

This model has received excellent ratings in firm mattress topper reviews. It’s available in 1″, 2″, and 3″ thick variations, as well as various firmness levels – so there are plenty of options to choose from! Click here to learn more.


Budget-Friendly: AmericanMade


Key Features: Budget-friendly but high quality; medium-firm composition; made in the USA; good customer reviews

Price Range: $

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The AmericanMade Firm Conventional Foam Mattress Topper is another great choice. It’s likely the best firm mattress topper for those on a budget. It’s priced very affordably, yet it’s still a very high-quality product. It’s made in the United States, using environmentally friendly processes. The materials used exceed PURGreen certification standards for quality and environmental standards.

This topper has a medium-firm composition, somewhere around a 7/10 in our opinion. It features a firm, supportive sleep surface that can drastically improve even an old, saggy mattress. It’s made using firm polyurethane foams, which are quite durable. At 3″ thick, this topper is a great choice for those wanting a firm and supportive upgrade for their bed.

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Luxury: Ayer ComfortAyer Comfort

Key Features: Dual-sided design with soft and firm sides; graphite-gel infused for better cooling; made in America; 3 year warranty

Price Range: $$$

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The Ayer Comfort Mattress Topper is a luxury product at a fair price. It features a unique dual-sided design. One side is firm, but if you flip the topper over, you’ll find a softer composition. This is great for those who aren’t sure what firmness level they want. It’s also a great choice for guest bedrooms, in order to suit the widest variety of sleeping desires.

This topper also features graphite gel foam on both sides, which is added for better cooling. If you sleep hot, this is a good choice for you. Cool Flow memory foam is also used, which further improves cooling.

This product is made in America, and backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty. Click here to learn more!


Our Credentials

What makes us qualified to make these recommendations?

Expertise – Our team is made up of sleep experts and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. While the whole team has experience in the sleep industry, no one has more than Chris Brantner, the site owner. Chris is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, whose expert opinions have been featured on news outlets like Forbes, Bustle, Fatherly, and more.

Passion – At SleepZoo, we are passionate about helping our readers get the best sleep possible. This passion translates to our work ethic, producing high-quality informational guides, sleep science news, and more. Feel free to explore the rest of our site!

Testing and Research – We test many products first-hand, and conduct exhaustive research. We want to be able to recommend the best possible products to our readers, so we expend significant resources making sure we pick the right products.


How We Picked the Best Firm Mattress Topper

There are a lot of firm mattress toppers out there, so how did we pick the best ones? Here are the areas we focused on:

Firmness – Obviously, firmness is a big factor. Most people who like “firm” beds really prefer medium-firm, which is usually somewhere around a 6-8 out of 10. We focused on products that fall into this firmness category.

Materials – The materials used in each mattress topper are very important. For one, high-quality foams will last a lot longer, and hold up to wear and tear better than cheaper foams. Environmental sustainability is also a factor, as some cheaper materials are horrible for the environment. We picked firm bed toppers that were made from high-quality, responsibly sourced materials.

Cooling – Some types of memory foam are notoriously hot, making it difficult to get restful sleep on warm nights. We focused on toppers with good cooling properties (usually through the use of specialized designs, and/or gel-infused memory foam).

Value – Many people opt for a mattress topper because they don’t want to shell out a ton of money for a new bed. So, we focused on products that offer great value at a fair price. That doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest options, but rather affordable options that are high quality products.

For even more options, be sure to check out our guide to the best mattress toppers!

Austin Meadows

Austin Meadows is a freelance writer, CPAP user, and self-proclaimed sleep enthusiast from the Seattle area. When he's not writing or researching about sleep science, you can find him snowboarding, cooking or traveling the world. Contact him at [email protected]

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