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Sleep is so vital to our everyday lives – and of course, having a comfortable mattress is very important when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. But one important factor that many people overlook is the temperature of their bed. In the winter, your bed may be too cold – in summer, too warm. One new product seeks to eliminate this problem in a creative way: the BedJet. We’ll go over everything there is to know about this interesting new product in our full BedJet V2 review below.

What is the BedJet V2?

The BedJet is an innovative mattress accessory that was developed by a team consisting of engineers, sleep science experts and inventors. The enterprising team developed the BedJet to address a common issue: people sleeping too hot, or too cold.

The BedJet V2 is the second incarnation of this popular device. It builds on the success of the original, adding smart features like body temperature tracking, dual zone temperature settings,

The BedJet essentially works by gently pumping climate controlled air across the mattress and bedding, helping to keep it at the ideal sleeping temperature. This temperature can be customized to your own preferences – and in the case of the BedJet V2 Dual Zone, it can even be split into two temperature zones for each side of the mattress.

So, depending on your preferences and the time of the year, you can set your BedJet to either heat or cool your bedding for a more comfortable sleep. Temperature settings can range from 74 degrees to 104 degrees, and can be controlled via the included remote control, or a smartphone app.

This is all achieved through a quiet, barely noticeable stream of air. There are no wires, heating elements or uneven heating – just a perfectly temperature controlled bed in a matter of minutes. This video does a good job of explaining the basics of the system:

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BedJet V2 Dual Zone Features

BedJet V2 review

The BedJet offers some impressive and unique features that are worth exploring. Here are the basics:

  • Set your ideal temperature using a remote control or smartphone app
  • Each side of the bed can be independently controlled
  • The BedJet heats or cools the bed in just 3 minutes
  • Temperature will be maintained throughout the night, as needed
  • The BedJet is very quiet and will not disturb most people
  • It’s easy to install, and sits out of the way under your bed
  • Utilizes sleep inducing biorhythm technology to help improve your sleep quality
  • Includes an essential oil diffuser to distribute pleasant scents throughout your bedding, if desired
  • You can program custom schedules for different times of the night
  • You can even use the Temperature Wake Up setting to replace your alarm clock!

Overall, this system packs in a ton of impressive features. And while the price tag might seem steep, keep in mind that over time it may actually save you money, because you’ll be able to turn off your heat at night and simply heat your bed!


Beyond the actual features of the machine, here are some other important things to know:

  • There’s a 60-day return policy, with a satisfaction guarantee
  • If you don’t love your BedJet, you can return it for a full refund withing 60 days – no restocking fees
  • BedJet will even pay for return shipping!
  • The BedJet V2 is also covered by a 2-year limited warranty
  • BedJet has excellent customer support, should you have questions or issues


BedJet V2 Review

BedJet unboxing

So, does the device live up to the hype? Does it actually perform as described?

In our experience, and in the experience of most verified customers in third party BedJet V2 reviews, yes – yes it does!

We found the BedJet to work exceptionally well. It’s fast, quiet, and barely noticeable once installed. The smartphone app is slick and highly customizable, and the included remote is great in a pinch.

The Dual Zone technology is perhaps the biggest benefit. For couples who have different sleep preferences, this is a must-have. It allows one side of the bed to be a toasty 85 degrees, and the other to be a comfortable 74 degrees – or any other number of customizable temperatures.

In the winter, hopping into bed with the BedJet is like having sheets that are constantly fresh out of the dryer, warm and toasty. In the summer, it’s like constantly sleeping on the cool side of the pillow – except its your whole bed!

We also found that we were able to save some money on our energy bills, because we weren’t heating the whole house in order to stay warm at night. We were able to turn off the heat, even in the dead of winter, and just use the BedJet to keep our toes nice and toasty, despite the rest of the house being quite chilly!

At a glance, here’s how we’d sum up this BedJet V2 review:


  • Excellent, quick and even cooling/heating
  • Dual-zone technology is a lifesaver for couples
  • Surprisingly quiet
  • Helps reduce night sweats, cold feet, and temperature-related sleep issues
  • Can genuinely help you get a better night’s sleep
  • Can save you money over time thanks to lower heating/cooling bills
  • Slick smartphone app
  • Tons of customizable features
  • Excellent reviews from verified customers
  • Great return policy and excellent support


  • It can dry your skin out somewhat, particularly if you already have dry skin
  • If you are tall you might notice the airflow on your feet
  • The included remote control is a bit clunky, but the smartphone app works well

Overall, the BedJet is pretty sweet, honestly. It allows you to consistently sleep at the ideal temperature for comfort and sleep quality. Once you set it up and program it, it’s pretty hands-off. It doesn’t use much energy, is super quiet, and works exactly as described.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the BedJet cost?
The Single Zone setup retails for $499, but is regularly available for around $300. The Dual Zone Comfort System retails at close to $1,200, but is usually available for around $700. Click here for the latest pricing.

How much noise does it make?
The BedJet is surprisingly quiet – definitely quieter than an A/C unit or fan. There are acoustic dampeners built into the system to minimize sound. There’s more sound when the device is in Turbo Mode, but normal operation is very quiet. If you want to get technical, here is the actual sound readings provided by BedJet:

Measured Ambient Room Noise (BedJet off): 37dB
BedJet Cool, 50% (most typical highest setting for all night cooling): 38dB
BedJet Cool, 100% (unlikely to be used other than short bursts): 42dB
BedJet Heat, 50%: (most typical highest setting for all night heating): 39dB
BedJet Heat, 100%: (unlikely to be used other than short bursts): 43dB
BedJet Turbo Heat 100% (can only be used for 10 minutes before auto-shutoff): 47dB

What’s the return policy?
BedJet comes with a 60-day return policy. Basically if you don’t love the system within the first 60 days, you can return it for a full refund. BedJet even pays for the return shipping, and there are no restocking fees!

What are other customers saying?
A: Our BedJet V2 review is positive overall, because we really enjoyed using this machine. It seems that most people share our opinion! On Amazon, the BedJet V2 has earned a great rating, with more than 85% of people giving it 5-stars. It’s become the best-reviewed product in its category.

How much space does it take up?
The BedJet unit is fairly large, but it fits under most beds. It needs about 7″ of clearance underneath the bed. If it doesn’t fit under it, BedJet sells an optional stand that allows it to sit upright on the side of the bed. Once it’s installed, you will barely notice the machine. The picture below gives you an idea of the space footprint for units that don’t fit under the bed:

BedJet installation

How do you install the BedJet?
Your BedJet will come with detailed instructions, but it’s actually pretty easy. This video gives the basics: 

How does the temperature wake up setting work?
During the night, our body follows a predictable pattern in terms of body temperature, as demonstrated by the picture below. The BedJet can use smart technology to essentially replace the need for an alarm clock by slowly warming up the bed temperature when it’s time to get up. This can result in a much more relaxing start to your day, without the blaring of an unpleasant alarm.

Where can I learn more about the BedJet?
We recommend heading over to BedJet.com to learn more about all the different products they offer, and to see current pricing! We hope that this BedJet V2 review has helped you learn about this nifty device – and hopefully you can soon be enjoying a perfectly temperature controlled sleeping experience each night!

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