There is a lot that goes into choosing the right mattress. There are several sizes of mattresses and choosing the right one is more important than you might think. People spend a lot of time weighing the pros and cons of innerspring versus foam and other materials, but choosing the wrong bed sizes is a problem that’s often hard to fix.

So, what are the standard bed sizes and how do you choose the one that’s right for you? That’s what this article will help you figure out. We’ll go over each of the standard mattress sizes so when it’s time to pick out a new mattress, you know where to start.


Sizes of Mattresses: Here’s where you Start

Before we go into the various sizes of mattresses, there is something to consider. Choosing the right bed size is more than just about whether you sleep alone or with a partner. Do you have kids? Will they ever be sleeping with you? How is your pet situation? If any furry friends will be in bed with you, you’ll want to look at bed sizes that are a bit bigger than you’d need for yourself. These are all considerations when you’re looking at mattress sizes.


Twin Bed Sizes

A standard twin size mattress is usually 38″ x 75″. You won’t find a smaller adult mattress than this. Commonly a twin mattress is used for a child that outgrows the toddler/child bed and needs something bigger. If you’re unfamiliar with twin bed sizes, you might see a twin bed on a daybed or in bunk beds. Dorm rooms commonly have twin beds, as well.

While they are a good option for small, tight spaces, twin beds are not commonly recommended for adults. They certainly would not work for couples. They are a great option for younger children and adults though. You can learn more about Twin bed dimensions and who they are best for, here.


Twin XL Bed Sizes

A Twin XL mattress is the same width as a twin bed, at 38″, but it’s 5″ longer, topping out at 80″. If you’re a single adult working with a small amount of space, this might provide a better option than a twin bed. The same rules apply to the Twin XL, since it’s not really any wider than a Twin bed. This just works better for taller adults.

One thing to keep in mind about Twin XL beds is that the mattress is longer than the standard twin, so bedding won’t fit correctly. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting Twin XL bedding. Otherwise, your sheets may not fit or will come off easily.


Full Bed Sizes

A standard full bed is 54″ in width and 75″ in length. Along with full size you might also hear them referred to as a standard double. This bed size was once used for couples and would still work if you have a cramped area to work with. However, most couples sleep in a Queen or King size bed, these days. Full size beds do work great for older teenagers or even single adults.

However, if you like to move around, are part of a couple, or sleep with your pets, you may find that the Full-size mattress doesn’t provide enough room for you. Think of it like this, two people in bed will have less room than two Twin beds put together. If you wouldn’t want to sleep in a Twin bed, a Full bed with another person would not work for you either. You can learn more about Full size beds and who they are suited for in our Full Size Bed Dimensions guide.


Queen Bed Sizes

Queen beds are the most popular size option right now. The standard size is 60″ x 80″. This works great for singles that want more room, couples, or people that might be sleeping with their kids or even their pets. If you have an older teenager and want to give them a little room to grow, this works, as well.

While you’ll still have less space, if sleeping with a partner, than you would on a Twin bed, the fit for two adults is much more comfortable than it would be on a Full-size bed. You can learn more about Queen Bed Dimensions, here.


King Bed Sizes

A King mattress is 76″ x 80″. This gives a single person more room than they would likely need. It’s also perfect for singles with kids, singles with pets, couples with pets (or kids), but maybe not both at the same time. You’ll need a larger bedroom (at least 12×12) to comfortably fit a King mattress.

As a King is the exact size of two Twin XLs, you can also purchase a Split King which is the size of those two mattresses. Whichever you choose, a King bed will provide the luxury and comfort you’d expect, permitting you have the room for it. Our King Bed Dimensions page can tell you more!

You can learn more about mattress sizes and all things bed-related, including which mattress types might be the best for you in our mattress guide!

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