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SleepZoo is an independent online resource focused on all things related to sleep. New studies, advancements in sleep science, new products… if it affects your sleep, we’ll report on it.

Our team is comprised of sleep experts and enthusiasts who deliver in-depth, insightful content aimed at helping you (the reader) get a better night’s sleep so you can live a healthier, more productive life.


Real Advice from Real Experts

Our mission is to provide the most trustworthy sleep articles anywhere, and that requires true expertise from intensive research and working with industry leaders.

Our team is led by Chris B, Certified Sleep Science Coach whose knowledge has been featured across multiple media channels, including NBC News, Bustle, Men’s Health, Medical Daily, and more. Additionally, we routinely consult with and quote doctors and other sleep professionals in our articles to ensure we are providing you with reliable information to help you make more informed decisions regarding your sleep health. We also regularly cite and cover the latest sleep studies from universities and medical leaders to further guarantee our articles contain as much objective, proven information as possible.

We hope you’ll find our site to be a go-to resource for getting your best night’s sleep ever.

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About the Founder

Chris B founded SleepZoo.com to share his passion for sleep. His goal is to create the complete go-to sleep resource, with coverage on the latest sleep research and technology, as well as sleep product reviews. He obtained his certification as a Sleep Science Coach as a means of continuing his quest for knowledge in the sleep space.

More about Chris:

  • Certified Sleep Science Coach, The Spencer Institute
  • Sleep advice and expertise featured on NBC News, Men’s Health, Reader’s Digest, Bustle, Brit+Co, Fatherly, Weight Watchers, Daily Mail, Medical Daily, Elite Daily, Romper
  • Has contributed to VICE, The Houston Chronicle, US News and World Report, Life Hack, Thrive Global, and other publications
  • Founded SleepZoo.com in 2016

If you have any questions or are looking for more information on improving your sleep quality, email him at [email protected] Hi Impact.

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