Could the city you live in be affecting your sleep quality? That’s what Tuck.com thinks, and they’ve released a new study that ranks the best and worst cities in America for sleep.

Tuck used several factors to determine sleep quality, including obesity rates, sleep deprivation rates, unemployment rates, overall average commute time, air quality, light pollution, unemployment, noise pollution, construction and more. A city’s proximity to a “Dark Sky” community (one that shows “exceptional dedication to the preservation of the night sky”) was also considered.

Why these factors? Because every individual has unique things that impact their sleep, and all of those factors play off of each other. If an area has high pollution and a high number of allergy sufferers, for example, that’s likely going to lead to worse sleep than an area that has the same pollution but a lower number of allergy sufferers.

So where can you get the best sleep in America? Here’s a look at the top five cities for slumber:

#1 Colorado Springs, Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the nation and has a low unemployment rate and clean air, which makes for a pretty restful night. It also helps that Colorado Springs is near the “Dark Sky” communities of Westcliffe and Silver Cliff.

#2 Sioux Falls, South Dakota was number two on the list thanks to their clean air and low unemployment, and the fact that the residents here get at least 7 hours of sleep more than anywhere else.

#3 Boise, Idaho came in third mostly due to their clean air and low unemployment.

#4 Portland, Oregon claimed the fourth spot, led by their low commute time.

#5 Lincoln, Nebraska gets the fifth best sleep in the nation, like others on this list, mostly due to their cleanliness and unemployment.

Residents of Detroit, Michigan get the worst sleep in America, says Tuck, (thanks to a combination of overall noise, pollution, construction, traffic and more) followed by Newark, New Jersey, Birmingham, Alabama, Cleveland, Ohio, and Philadelphia, Pa.

The complete list of ranking can be viewed here.


Artie Beaty

Artie Beaty is a freelance writer from the Charlotte area who, with a 4 year old son and another child on the way, has long since given up on uninterrupted sleep. When he's not fighting for bed space with a toddler, he's traveling with his family or cheering on the Chicago Cubs and Carolina Panthers. Contact him at [email protected]
Artie Beaty

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