What is the best mattress for sex? If you’re looking for a new mattress, you might not think that should be a top consideration, but it should. Sex might be a personal thing for you and that’s fine. That’s the nice thing about the Internet. You don’t have to ask your local mattress salesman what the best bed for sex is. You can just look online.

So, if you’re here to do your homework, sit back and relax and we’ll go over some of the criteria for what makes the best mattresses for sex. Some of these will be top priorities on your list and some won’t matter much at all for your personal needs. Feel free to go through each of these criteria or skip down to see which brands made the cut for the best mattresses for sex!

What Things Make the Best Bed for Sex?

Lack of Sound – If you live in a smaller home or you have bedrooms in close proximity, the sound your mattress makes when you’re having sex will likely be important to you. No one wants to buy a new mattress only to hear that awful cliche squeaking. That said, if you live alone or your house is big enough that no one has a bedroom near yours, you might be able to handle some sound in exchange for more important factors.

Good Bounce – Let’s face it, no one wants to have sex on a brick. The best bed for sex is going to offer a nice bounce. The bounce will create a rhythm rather than just taking the impact of your movements. This works in your favor, so if you’re looking for the best mattress for sex, the amount of bounce will be important.

Stability – You want a mattress that is able to respond to your body movements. Your mattress should respond to your movements as you make them. Otherwise, it may feel like there is a delay that occurs between your movement and the bed catching up with you!

Reliability – You want something that can last! This means your mattress needs to be durable enough to handle whatever you put it through. The average person has their mattress for a number of years, so you’ll want something that can last.

Comfort – Ultimately, this will depend on your desires. With sex in mind, most people want something firm enough that the softness of the bed isn’t hindering their movements, but soft enough to still be comfortable.

Cooling – A number of beds offer cooling material so that your bed stays cool in the warmer weather. This also is a plus when you’re having sex, too. This is less of a must have and more of a luxury, but since many mattresses now offer cooling, it doesn’t hurt to consider it.

The Best Mattress for Sex: Our Top 3 Picks



Leesa is a polyurethane foam mattress that excels in the areas of stability, bounce, and comfort. Not only is the Leesa the best mattress for sex, it’s also great for sleeping, too. The foam mattress is as comfortable as memory foam, but more responsive, so you’re less likely to feel like you’re sunk into your mattress. The mattress even has a layer of patented foam (Avena) that creates a cooling layer and adds extra comfort. Leesa mattresses tend to work for many sleep situations beyond sex, so it’s definitely one of your best options and one of the best beds for sex in our book.



Everyone knows how comfortable memory foam is, but it also tends to run hot and causes you to imprint yourself into the bed, making it a little harder to move easily. Eve’s mattress (they only make one) utilizes memory foam, but uses a specialized form of memory foam that allows for the mattress to be cooler and to offer a bouncier feel that makes it much better for sex.

Like most online mattress companies, Eve focuses on online sales as a way to cut the costs for the consumer. Eve also offers a generous 100-day trial, which gives you a great opportunity to sleep, relax, and even have sex on your bed to make sure it’s the perfect bed for you!

Brooklyn Bedding

brooklyn bedding

Brooklyn Bedding differs from Leesa and Eve by offering a larger layer of latex foam. This 4″ of foam will give you amazing bounce. The feel of the bed is similar to an innerspring mattress, but with the benefits of a foam mattress. When a mattress company offers you a 120-night trial and a ten-year warranty you can bet they stand behind their product! And let’s face it — durability is an important quality when looking for the best bed for sex.

Another nice thing about Brooklyn Bedding is you can choose between a comfort level when picking out your mattress. They even detail which option is best for which type of sleeper. For example, medium is perfect for you if you are a back or side sleeper.

Choosing the best mattress for sex isn’t that hard. You just want something that moves with you, doesn’t hold you down, and that is comfortable. Sex usually isn’t anyone’s first concern when buying a bed. Still, it doesn’t hurt to have a bed that helps make sex a more enjoyable experience. These are just a few of the mattresses that will do just that!