Plenty of the decisions you make as a couple will be difficult. However, there won’t be many as important as choosing the right mattress. There are so many variables here that need to be addressed in order to find the best mattress for couples. What if you want something soft and your partner likes a firmer mattress? How does motion transfer work? You don’t want anything that will disturb your partner if you’re getting up while they are still sleeping. And then there are things like budget to consider.

Luckily, most mattress companies know that not everyone sleeps alone. Whether intentional or not, many mattresses have all the goods required to be considered the best mattress for couples. Here are some important things to consider and if you keep reading, we’ve even narrowed down the field for you with four of the best mattresses for couples on the market.

Things to Consider when Buying the Best Bed for Couples

Motion – Many beds have a sway to them that means if you’re sleeping with someone and they get up, you may end up waking up, as well. If you don’t want to wake up every time your partner rolls over you’re going to want a mattress that offers little in the way of motion transfer. The less movement that you feel in your mattress usually means the better you’ll sleep next to your partner at night. While some of these things are really optional, this is one of the most important when seeking out the best mattresses for couples.

Support – This is important when you’re sleeping alone, but when there is two people in bed it’s even more important. A good mattress should provide support throughout. It should contour in all the right places ensuring proper spinal alignment. This means a better and less painful night’s sleep. If you or your partner is on the heavier side, this means you’ll require something with strong support to ensure less sinking, so the mattress works for both of you the way it should.

Will it work for sex? – You might not think that sex should be a consideration when buying a mattress, but think about it. This is your bed, where you and your partner will likely have plenty of sex. You want it to be the best sex possible, right? Well having the right mattress will increase the likelihood of better sex.

The firm factor – The position that you sleep usually helps to determine how firm you’ll want your mattress. Other factors will come into play, as well. Things like if you have back pain, your body size, and even personal preference will play a part in this decision. However, if you’re looking for the best bed for couples this gets trickier, because you need a firmness that’s going to work for two people. There are plenty of mattresses that offer the comfort and firmness that will please both you and your partner. It’s just a matter of finding the one that works best for you.

The Top 4: Our Picks for Best Mattress for Couples



Leesa mattresses were made for couples. The top 2″ of the mattress is made of Avena foam. What this means for you is that the mattress will offer a wonderful cooling element, good bounce, and it will feel incredibly comfortable. These are all important factors when it comes to choosing the best mattress for couples. The Leesa mattresses are hybrid mattresses. This really gives you the best of both worlds with the benefits of memory foam, but the addition of the Avena to take the comfort level over the edge.

As an online company, you can buy the Leesa mattress online. Since there is no showroom, the overhead costs are lower and you get a better deal as a result. You’ll receive a 100-day trial to decide if the mattress works for you and if not it’s a hassle-free return process. Leesa donates one mattress to someone in need for every ten mattresses sold.



The Eve mattress is all about comfort! Offering the comfort of memory foam, with the cooling and bounce of newer foams, Eve is a definite contender in the best bed for couples. Eve mattresses are designed and made in the UK. Delivery is free and since you’re buying online Eve is able to offer you more competitive pricing for your mattress. Upon ordering you generally receive your mattress within 7-days.

Even though over 95% of people that buy Eve mattresses decide to keep them, you’ll have a 100-night trial to make that decision for yourself. If you find a problem with the mattress Eve offers free returns and pickup, so you’ve got nothing to lose!



Element mattresses are made of four layers of foam that include everything you need to enjoy a good night’s sleep. The base is a high-density foam that offers firm support and ensures that there will be minimal sagging. The Serene foam will offer some cooling for a temperature neutral mattress and it also reduces motion transfer and helps to conform to your body. The Fututatex layer helps to relieve pressure. Finally, the hand-sewn cover ensures that your mattress is breathable and that it creates air circulation.

The Element mattress comes with a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty. Prices range between $600-$1200 depending on the size of the mattress. This is one of the benefits of buying online, as retailers can offer more competitive prices.

Sleep Number

sleep number

The best thing about Sleep Number mattresses is that you can personalize each side of the mattress to make sure you and your partner are comfortable. Sleep Number beds differ from the other beds on this list because you can customize them heavily. For starters, they are adjustable. You can change the firmness or softness and in some models you can move the head or feet up and down. They also have functionality that handles temperature control.

The other difference is that Sleep Number beds can also be purchased in a store. This allows you to go and test it out before buying one. That said, prices may be more competitive online, so even if you try it at your local store, you still might want to buy it online. Sleep Number promises that their beds last twice as long as innerspring mattresses and they offer a 25-year limited warranty to back up their claims!

If you’re looking for the best mattress for couples any of those mattresses could easily qualify. And if you need a mattress for something else, be it side sleeping or back pain, check out our mattress guide that details how to pick out the best mattress for you!

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