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Best Mattress Buying Guide 2017

A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Best Mattress Online

Finding the best mattress shouldn’t be a chore, but sometimes it feels like it. And with nearly 70 million Americans suffering from sleep problems, the importance of having a great mattress can’t be overstated.

I waited until the last possible minute to get a new mattress when my old one needed replaced. As a diligent consumer I did my online homework trying to find the best place to buy a mattress and to find out which brands offered the best mattresses.

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At the end of the day, I was dragging my feet. I knew how the experience would go. I knew I’d walk into the local mattress showroom and immediately be rushed by a pushy salesperson that wanted to show me the best mattress 2017 has to offer. They might try to be nice, but deep down we would both know they don’t care about me, they are just trying to sell a mattress so they can make some money.

Sound familiar?

If so, that’s because that’s what it’s like when most people buy a mattress. All the online research doesn’t do a thing, because mattress companies often label the same mattress differently based on the location it will end up. For example, let’s say you have three mattress stores in your area. You look online and determine that the Serta “A” mattress is the best mattress for you. The first store you go to has the Serta “A.” The second store has the Serta “B” and the third store has the Serta “C.” Little do you know, it’s actually the same mattress. However, thanks to the rebranding, all of the research does you no good because you won’t be able to recognize the best mattresses from the bad ones. Comparison shopping, which is so important to so many consumers, is impossible because of this!

Now consider the fact that whatever mattress you settle on is going to be marked up more than you could ever imagine. You might be able to negotiate a lower price, but you can assume that whatever price you do pay will be higher than it should be. The price for your mattress pays for your pushy salesperson’s commission, the electricity to the store, and a bunch of other things that have nothing to do with you.

And if all that isn’t bad enough, you’ve only spent about 15 minutes sitting or lying on your new mattress! Unfortunately, this isn’t enough time for you to know whether or not this is the best mattress for you. It might feel great in the store, but you never really know your mattress until you’ve spent a few nights sleeping on it. The salespeople you encounter aren’t going to give you the information you need to know how to buy a mattress because as long as they sell one to you, that’s all they care about. But, at the end of the day mattresses aren’t cheap and if you buy the wrong one you might be stuck with it for a while.

So, what’s the solution? Where is the best place to buy a mattress?

You’re looking at it! The best place to buy a mattress is online! I know you’re hesitant, but stay with me and I promise by the end you’ll see that the best mattresses can be purchased online. There are three steps to choosing the best mattress. As long as you follow these three steps you will have all the tools to know how to buy a mattress you need.

Step 1: Create a Budget

Before you even begin looking for the best mattress 2017 has to offer, you need to know how much you can afford to spend. It’s best to pick a magic number with a little leeway in either direction and then begin your search.

The good news is that shopping online cuts out the middle man. You will quickly find that mattresses you could never afford in the local showroom are now in your budget. This is because online mattress dealers can charge less because they have less overhead. They aren’t paying salespeople and other costs that affect the cost of your mattress. You also have a good chance of getting out of shipping and/or delivery charges. While some online dealers do charge shipping, many do not. In fact, the majority of companies offer free shipping and will have your mattress to you within a week or two. In some cases, that’s faster than a showroom will deliver your new mattress!

Shopping online means you can get a luxury foam or hybrid mattress for under $1,000. Most people are familiar with memory foam, latex, and other luxury foam mattresses but they assume they are out of their budget. The truth is though, that they don’t have to be if you’re willing to buy online!

Foam mattresses tend to be more comfortable and they last longer, which makes them a better value. They are also constructed better, are more durable, and in some cases they are even hypoallergenic. We can’t recommend foam mattresses highly enough because they really are the best mattresses around these days.

Step 2: Identify your Sleeping Needs

Once you know how much you can afford, you need to determine what kind of issues you need to confront while sleeping. You can’t find the best mattress for you unless you consider your sleep style and other factors when you compare mattresses. Are you a side or a back sleeper? Do you sleep on your stomach? Do you have back pain? Are you married or buying the mattress as a couple? If so, does your sleep style match or do you have your partner to think about, as well?

While we believe that foam mattresses are the best, you need to take other things into account beyond basic construction. If you’ve got a bad back, you may find you need a firmer mattress. If you’re a side sleeper, a softer mattress with good contouring might be in your best interest. Once you determine how you sleep, you can research to find and compare the best mattress for these sleep styles.

Step 3: Utilize your Free Trial

One of our favorite mattresses (and an easy contender for best mattress 2017) is made by Leesa. When you buy a Leesa mattress, they give you a 100-night sleep trial. While mattress showrooms never offer trial offers like this, Leesa always offers a trial. Once you receive your mattress, you get nearly four-months to sleep on it and ensure that it’s the best mattress for you. If you don’t like it, Leesa will donate your mattress to someone in need. Other companies will allow you to return it at no cost to you. As long as you let them know within the trial period, you won’t have to pay if you don’t love your mattress.

When you’re purchasing a mattress online you will find that a trial offer is a standard thing. Usually, they are at least for 90-days, but sometimes go as high as 120-days. Just make sure when you’re comparing mattresses you make note of the length of the trial period, so you’re prepared should you have a problem with the mattress you choose.

That’s All There is to It!

As you can see, the best place to buy a mattress is right from the comfort of your own home. Choosing to buy online means you’ll get a better price, better variety, and a free trial that allows you to test the mattress for the proper amount of time to ensure that the mattress really is the best mattress for you! Now go out there and find the right mattress for you! Remember, foam really has the most to offer, and thanks to online shopping it’s in a wide variety of budgets. Don’t spend more than you can afford, but don’t be cheap either. Your mattress is one of the most important purchases you will make where your health and comfort are concerned. Also, if you’ve got any questions or need help comparing popular foam mattresses, we are here to help!

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